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Painful Reality

Mod review

Well, I don't know where to begin, I'm flattered! This is a really nice level! Let's state what I rate about levels: The Scares, The Ambience Sounds, the room decoration, the monster AI level (based on path nodes), Puzzle style, the amount of oil given (it is a really huge factor of a nice story), the duration, the story, the monsters used and the effort put.

This level did not have any really bad cons based on the list above!
Here it comes

- Relatively small amount of oil that barely makes the story (I won't reduce score for that)

- Nice scares with atmosphere
- Nice and scary ambience sounds
- Nice room decoration - with custom objects -!
- Medium monster AI level, but not bad.
- Nice layout and puzzle style - quest items hard to find.
- Quite nice duration - not long but not that short either.
- Perfect story that is discovered slowly.
- Nice effort and awesome idea.

These pros and cons should maybe make a 9/10 but the oil problem was slight so it is not worth removing a point for that.

Keep the awesome work up, I am looking forward to seeing more custom stories from you and NEVER GIVE UP! ;)

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