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Thomas Was Alone

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Review to come later.



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McPixel consists of point and click micro games with the average round taking 10 seconds. The gameplay doesn’t stack up to the likes of Wario Ware and it doesn’t succeed at what point and clicks are traditionally good at. I didn't find the gameplay engaging and the reward of seeing the different entertaining animations from the resulting wrong combinations of clicks only made playing the game worth it for a few levels and beating a few levels takes just a few minutes.
At first, I did smile and chuckle while playing the game but for me that wore off quickly and it started to get unpleasant and grating. Appropriately, but less enjoyably the soundtrack was as basic and repetitive as the gameplay. Cut scenes can be skipped which minimizes their repetition and helps make the game play very quickly which is great. Those who enjoy the gameplay or outcome animations will rarely be bogged down.

I consider the value of this game to be more something you should try for a novel experience but that's about it. I don't consider it a must play game.

I tried this on my turn of the century laptop and the game runs perfectly. The developer has a beyond ideal approach to DRM so it is worth buying the game just for that like many have already done. I bought it twice due to the DRM approach though I bought it on sale and had I paid the current full price of $5 I would have been disappointed.

As an aside, the sound can only be toggled on and off which is always a nuisance for me.



Vector Thrust

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Three Dead Zed - Enhanced Edition

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This game was made pretty well so I would say it is a step or two above the classification of flash game but still looks and feel mostly like a flash game. Of course there are a ton of great flash games but this game is not fun or interesting. The changing between three classes mechanic is implemented in a totally uninteresting way and if you are just looking for that in a game please play Trine it succeeds at that pretty well.

There is some humor in the game but its not enough to raise the value of the game after you've played for 10+ minutes.



Zombie Driver

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There is just not enough here to keep this game to keep it interesting and this is coming from someone who loves running.
Even after 5 minutes everything becomes overly repetitive.
Not much else to say about it I would certainly suggest one of best of Sega Genesis collections over this for something cheap with quick pick up arcade style gaming.

2/10 for me but I might change that to a 3 and I wouldn't shun a friend of mine with they went as high as a 4/10.


Running with Rifles

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Definitely a great game but there but at the moment its not well enough executed to play as well as it could. You start with a random gun which I don't prefer and the guns feel mostly the same and not that satisfying. There is a lot of missing content for instance there is no kill log or statistics in general. I know part of that is the game is incomplete but as it stands this is what I think of it.

There are also so big annoyances in the game this isn't including things like bad AI which is totally forgivable but there are still some big set backs for instance I was shooting grey men standing on grey roofs or grey asphalt and aiming with a grey cross hair.
Is that really necessary?
Similarly sometimes where you are aiming seems a bit odd I was on a roof with my cross hair over a guy a couple feet out from the base of the structure also the little grey dot (which seems to move too slowly and lag btw) that shows where you are actually aiming seemed to be over my target yet I unloaded a clip without hitting but the soldier on the ground was able hit me. What?
One other thing I'll point out here there are no explanations of anything in the game.

This is certainly an interesting game but I found it ended up not being as fun as it should have been and the $8 price seems a tiny bit steep for what you get. I can see why this game has so many positive reviews but 10/10 that's just the Desura skew.
I will revise this as the game changes through development but for now 5/10.



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King Arthur's Gold

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Rocketron: The Traveling Planet

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