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Hello everybody. I know this has been a long wait, and I bet at least some of you are thinking “well the wait better have been worth it”. Best then that I rip the band aid off first. The blog is moving. While those of you that remain have probably been following since back when I first made posts, the majority of new readers have gone and don't seem to be coming back.

I'm not sure why, I never heard complaints or anything really as to why. My only way to guess was by stats given about when people would visit the blog and in how large a number. And apparently, what I've been providing hasn't been quite like what earlier stuff was.

Now I'm not just abandoning you all here. I will still be making some posts, mostly opinion pieces or one-off things though. Man of Steel's positive response is at all time low, so that's getting shelved, as is anything related to it. I am still working on the Offshoots reworking and I've actually got a far better concept now.

Story posts will eventually move to Deviant Art. The site is more appropriate for writers, so I should be able to better work my primary craft there. That said, I'm amazed and very appreciative that I got as popular as I was on ModDB even though it's a website specifically for mods, not so much for written pieces of prose.

Game centric posts, however, will be potentially going one of two places. I'm looking at becoming a dedicated game critic for a new forum that I've been asked to help out, and I'm also going to give Game Informer's blogging community a shot.

This kind of transition obviously has a risk, and I wouldn't want to lose any of you as readers, but I believe this is for the best. It's been a fantastic ride writing my blog here on ModDB, and I hope as many of you still show up on Deviant Art or Game Informer to read on.

GI Profile: Gameinformer.com

DA Profile: Paradigmfallen.deviantart.com

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