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Hexen: Edge Of Chaos

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I recently obtained Doom 3 because I already heard of this up coming mod. Basically I bought it to play this mod. And oh boy, this is definitely Hexen. The quality is absurdly good and not only that it re-creates the atmosphere of the old classic Hexen series. I my self who enjoyed Hexen as a child in the past couldn't ask for more.

It scares me that this is just a demo, and it is most likely just a little sneak peek as to what is going to come. This modification is going to blow us all away and I look forward for the full retail version.

The only problem I encountered in the demo so far was that I accidently died forcing me to play it all over again. But this has already been mentioned by a previous reviewer. I also seem to walk straight to doors before they are even opened. Despite these little flaws it is worth the effort for downloading and I personally will keep my eyes peeled for updates and news regarding this modification.

I thank the team which is working on this more than a thousand times. And you may expect many players to enjoy this as much as I do.


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