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Cry of Fear

Game review

perfect! 15 out of 10 :p


Half Life: one more HD pack

Mod review


Mod review - 5 agree - 4 disagree

The mod is Ok, but not really good in my opinion.

First, i dont understand why this mod was created only for the WON-Version without a hint on this page. Doesn't the author want everyone can play the mod easily? So downloaders have to be creative.
The downloaded file contains the mod in a very untidey folder. The reason is, the creater use much content from Opfor/TFC/BS which isn't illigal, but there are many unused files (textures for examples). My first impression all seems to be dilettante and lumped together.

After starting the mod i was impressed. The first minutes i thought, ok maybe he is unorgenised but he knows to create maps. But this impression didn't stay long. The maps are very detailed and there are some really nice "special effects" and scripted events. However for me the leveldesign is overdone for a HL mod and particularly for a mod who should be part of the HL universe. The engine wasn't created for so many details and r_speeds over 1000wpolys. Few scenes do not even look like many polygons, but "the computer says no" they are there. Besides, too many 1-units-brushes and brushed objects with unsuitable textures are looking ridiculous. Custom textures (or models) are a way to create a believable, detailed and aestethic environment with the GoldSrc-Engine and not 1mil-brushbased objects.

Instead of tinkering detailed bolts and handrails to put old washy texture on them after all, the creater should have used the time to find the many bugs andglitches and to eliminate flaws of the gameplay and gameflow. The player gets stucked in buttons, walls or other objects (which although are very detailed). Short after a levelchange is a locked door or another levelchange. Or the player don't know what he has to do. Is it necessary? There are many more things.

At least the mod has potential. Many people will enjoy this mod, if they get it to run. For geeks like me its a short pastime with some highlights, BUT it doesn't feel like HL/OPFOR/BS/Decay

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