Hi! im wizard! i usually do addons or reuploads (putting the credits obviously) and i like the stalker series! no much else to say! i've been learning how to code or modify it. If you are the author of the addon i uploaded you can contact with me and i would just eliminate the addon with no problems.

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My favorite map

Wizard2 Blog

While testing the game to check crashes and finishing the storyline, i got to Limansl, Limansk looked cool already when CS went out, but with the modpack it makes such a interesting atmosphere.

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ss pablo2002 06 29 20 03 16 34

CW: Cheap map

Wizard2 Blog

So i just made some cheap snow maps using gimp, here's a peek of it

ss pablo2002 06 28 20 04 16 48

Changed consumable values: CW for CoTZ

Wizard2 Blog

So i've been changing some stuff on the game, like, the amount of pills on drugs, more uses on food, and mutant food for traders. also i changed the map for a cheap snow one.

ss pablo2002 06 26 20 01 30 33

Cruel Winter, a CoTZ modpack

Wizard2 Blog

So my modpack's name will be that, idk what you guys think, it will be harsher than normal CoTZ, and i will make a lot of changes to the core game and lines from stalkers, also i'm working on the ui's and map edits.

ss pablo2002 06 25 20 04 55 21

CoTZ Project

Wizard2 Blog

So i'm working on a big modpack for CoTZ, it will change a lot of things in-game to make it harder, for now it is bare bones, but i will start working on it, if you guys know of any tutorial for hud and textures editing, i would be glad to check it out.ss pablo2002 06 24 20 05 36 40

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