Hi, I'm Nathan. I am a studying games developer since about December 2005. I have always had a passion for games, I have always played games, and have always dreamt of creating my own games one day and so now I am working towards that dream. Currently I work alone, and am studying just about all aspects of games development. I plan to keep working alone as long as possible until I am financially secure enough that I can start up a large studio and hire other team members to work on higher quality AAA titles. I am currently working towards creating a mod for the Cryengine which I won't disclose any details for just yet(Details to come when the mod is finished or near finished). The images on my profile may hint at what this project may be about however ;) And I really don't know what else to say without rambling.

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Ok, I don't know if I feel stupid or relieved.

But in either case, there is definately relief.

Yesterday's predicament is now a thing of the past, and all because I measured an angle out correctly. An angle which was previously causing unwanted problems.

This angle was causing a noticeable bulge on the end of the Ovoid (Polycentric curve) of the arena, however having changed this angle (I don't even know what I did...in fact, I barely remember anything I do...I just do it :S ), the bulge is still there, but it is almost non existant now. You really need to look for it, and I think that sometimes when we look for a minute detail in a large object...we often find it because our own imagination creates that detail even if it really isn't there.

Anyway, mindless blabbering aside, I can continue with my progress on the Colosseum without having to redo every single component or start again (I could start again if I was insane, but for such a minute detail that nobody will notice except for me? It'll be a waste of time. I would only restart it if I were paid to do so).

So on that note, the colosseum untextured model (it might be textured) should be expected to be finished before the end of February (I still have the Hypogeum (under the arena) section left to finish yet).

So yay!...and nobody reads these blogs so i'm talking to myself -_-

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