Hi, I'm Nathan. I am a studying games developer since about December 2005. I have always had a passion for games, I have always played games, and have always dreamt of creating my own games one day and so now I am working towards that dream. Currently I work alone, and am studying just about all aspects of games development. I plan to keep working alone as long as possible until I am financially secure enough that I can start up a large studio and hire other team members to work on higher quality AAA titles. I am currently working towards creating a mod for the Cryengine which I won't disclose any details for just yet(Details to come when the mod is finished or near finished). The images on my profile may hint at what this project may be about however ;) And I really don't know what else to say without rambling.

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I want to keep this short and sweet, because I am excited about something great, something which I hadn't been able to work out for myself before, something which bugged me to the point where I rushed the work I was doing and ended up getting stuck half way after about 2 months of non stop work due to my lack of consideration of scale and measurement when working on a piece of real life architecture.

So now, if you don't know about the Colosseum I was working on, you can see what progress I made previously by looking at the images in my profile. Yes, it looks awesome, and no, nothing looks wrong with it (aside from it being half modelled and having no textures etc...).....but that was the result of guess work; Sure I gathered measurements of all sorts of specific things, but I didn't gather the measurements for THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.....the angles used in the creation process of the colosseum.

The colosseum is not just an oval shape, it is an Ellipsis or Ovoid, which uses a Polycentric curve.
What this means is that it's basically in the shape of an Oval but it has multiple pivot points to form the shape of the curve of the whole structure.
Firstly, this is the source of information, including one image which has given me the fuel to start on this giant mother of a structure again and get it done right this time.

It should describe what shape the Colosseum is.
But to put it straight. Get a blueprint view of the colosseum, then try and measure the angles between each pillar without looking at any images on google. That's what I did before, and while I was close, I wasn't close enough. And in turn, this cost me 2 months of solid work, only to find my model out of proportion.

So now work has begun again, and this time, i'm going to finish this sucker!

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