Previously known as Contagion playtster and Monochrome LLC\Inc member.
Currently working on projects such as STARDROP, Sven Co-op, Zombie Panic! Source.

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Here is some videos showing how Contagion is meant to be hard and challenging in earlier versions. Nowadays, you can access to these challenges by setting level difficulty to Extreme. But first, let me explain what Extreme difficulty is.

Extreme difficulty:
-Players takes a lot damage. (53 from front and ~27 from behind)
-Great chance catching infection whenever player is getting hit by Zombies.(Even more greater chance to be infected when player is grappled by Player controlled zombies.) There is still low chance of not being infected after hit.
-Extremely high damage can be taken from friendly fire.
-Ammo\Weapons spawns are randomized and its really hard to find something really good.(Unless map script setted up differently.)
-More AI on map being spawned.
-AI's health increased.
-Riot Police zombies takes a crapton of bullets before dying.
-Doors are extremely weak and can be broken in few hits. (AI\Player controlled character.)
-Gas Mask required in order to progress and navigate through labs and underground labs on Biotec map.
-One or even none medkits will be spawned on maps.
-Going through glass can hurt you really badly. In even worse cases, it can even kill you.
-Survivor AI's can be killed in few hits or even by accident shot on em.(Extraction gamemode only.)
-Surviovr AI's got reduced accuracy.(Extraction gamemode only.)
-Riot Police zombies will spawn on Hunted gamemode while playing on Extreme difficulty.
-This is how Contagion is meant to be in earlier versions.

In exchange of all these negative stuff, you can get a massive fun and action going on, as well as having heart beating the crap out of you.
Here is some videos showing gameplay as well as full walkthrough on 4 Escape gamemode maps.(RPD\Biotec\Camp\Harvest)

RPD Walkthrough.(Youtube)
Biotec Walkthrough.(Youtube)
Camp Walkthrough.(Youtube)
Harvest Walkthrough.(Youtube)

(Dont mind about video settings setted up for video recording.)

Interested in Contagion game? You can buy the game on Steam Store right now!

Thanks and have fun!

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