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Alpha Protocol

Game review

Some Shaky Combat Mechanics and Visual Downgrades don't stop this game from being an underrated classic. With an engrossing story, complex multi layered relationship and choice systems, even on my 5th playthrough, the game still offers much more depth and content in terms of story than games like the walking dead season 2 or Game of thrones (Both Telltale) Yep.... I said it!


No More Room in Hell

Mod review - 1 disagree

No more room in hell reminds me of left for dead but much harder, and because of that, much better you can infected if your not careful in melee combat you could ge bitten and that means: your infected the more bites you get the hiher chance you will turn so you have to trust in your teammates to either keep watch on you and let you stay around longer.... or put you down you can use your flash light in combination with your pistol which has little bullets but is great since unless your a complete idiot you have a very tiny chance of being bitten and the hammer can board up windows and buildings to create safe room that although the undead will invetiably break it lets you set up a defense. the levels remind me of left for dead you are dropped into a level (but this time given the places often grim backstory)then go through a set of objectives in a HUGE level before calling for help and either escaping or joining the hoard. the objectives are quite well varied (carrying items from different points, repairing a generator, calling on a radio, survive, escape and a few more) in short no more room in hell is basically a hardcore, better version of left for dead (you may not agree with that but its what i think) and i beileive we can all agree thats a good thing if you have any game with the source engine you owe it to yourself to try this mod because its great fun and because of that No More Room in Hell gets a 7 out of 10


I Get This Call Every Day

Game review

its very VEY cheap but c'mon I can better for free



Game review

a fun little slasher esque title (with you as the slasher)reminds me a bit of naughty bear but better this game however is slightly buggy and the story is not much to talk about not to mention the kills often arent very creative in addition the game is barely a challenge not to mention very short still the premise holds up pretty well and i think most people will play this all the way through its not worth 10 out of ten like some of the people on desura throw around but its defintely worth your time if you like the premise and if you can get it cheap you should try it but not for 30 pounds. only get it if you like the premise and if you can get it for 15 - 20 pounds other wise its not worth your money


Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot

Game review

This Game is complex and fluid as a fighting sim as combat flows smoothly between a variety of moves designed to attack counter against and defend yourself but instead of a conventional helath bar you are given a seletal system which takes damage and will be shown respectively (broken arm means you cant lift two handed weapons, broken legs make you limp etc)the story is very basic but dont chalk off points for that as it stills works well enough to take you from place to place but still there is a lack of commitment to the final battle when essentially it just says he bad! you good ! it feels like a beta test for something way better and it kind of is (overgrowth) this game had a very small team however so be gentle the graphics aint nothing to look at and the ai does put up a good fight when it needs to the same cant be said about the platforming which i personally found a little finicky which led to some (admiteddly) amusing deaths but still platforming could have been more but the speed of the character and the finesse required for platforming quite frankly had my character eating oncrete on several occasions. although i would have previously wholeheartedly reccomended lugaru it is now free but not if you have windows which is honestly just unfair so dont buy it when you know someone is getting it (legally) free not to mention overgrowth is now in alpha and overgrowth is better in every single way although its more expensive it will be more expensive on release and your money will help fund the game which is nice to know its around 20 pounds or so but the graphics enemies and gameplay are so much better your basically throwing away 7 pounds on this game when you could be spending it on overgrowth. so i reccomend play the demo for this game and if you liked the combat: buy overgrowth instead because you certainly wont regret it( i know i didnt)


Movie Battles II

Mod review - 1 disagree

Its a great game the team based combat gives you purpose and requires teams to fill a multitude of roles and the sounds of all the guns are very satisfying and the realism is pumped up significantly where blasters will spark and leave smoke effects and blast marks the lightsaber slices body parts satisfyingly and leave heat marks over walls when you miss (which can be often if you have no skill) the community is strong but can be obnoxious especially to new players who have to learn the (very) steep learing curve ultimately this mod takes the jedi knight jedi academy base slaps on a team focus and class system with a brilliant upgrade system (do you want to storm in as a trooper die because you spent points in reinforcement but luckily can come back anytime? or do you want to have a gatling gun and tons of health but must avoid death because your a glass cannon?) I reccomend the mod but get some practice in before or you will get owned and each map plays very differently so make sure you find which fits you most


WIC: Modern Warfare Mod

Mod review

Gangs of Glasgow

Mod review - 2 disagree

a funny and intresting mod but some SERIOUS work needs to be done for the game breaking problems form truly bad enemy spawning anf game breaking bugs stupid esign choices far too Litlle towns no merchant sort cuts poor armour designs and unclear weapons where im not sure what skill i should invest in. The game crashes ITS NOT FUNNY its intolerably smug humour that wouldnt impress a reddit fan dumb level layouts and inconvient map designs with endless walking before you get into the fighting unlike the average mount and blade fight terrible factions only the police and construction workers are vaguely varied or intresting the 'HILARIOUS' speech is just annoying and vague not to mention waaaay too pleased with itself the only tiny hint of light is i like the fact it dares to be different and to its credit i understand the modern setting is hard to pull off if maybe it wasnt so very GLASGOW focused and more just about the modern setting maybe instead of glasgaow factions just modern factions like police gangsters mobsters yakuza military it comes so close to a good mod but with such terrible bugs horrible humour god awful setting i absolutely loathe it just doesnt seem right to give this credit someone needs to make a mod in a modern setting BUT NOT like this it needs to be better and this isnt the mod thats going to do this only a miracle can really save this mod for me this mod is proof of laziness when people think just changing the setting makes it good NO brytenwalda was good because of all the new stuff it added and because it was innovative ASWELL as a good setting SWC is another great example of this but this mod is proof of a bad mod much like the endless swarm of half life mods that are usually just one mod with a few gimmicks that could be done on gmod this od can go somewhere true but it needs to pull its head out of its *** (sorry but its true)stop being so damned pleased with its self admit its faults and fix them but until then stay clear of this mod


Lambda Wars

Mod review - 1 agree

its a great game give it some time to spread its wings and stick through the bugs and you'll get one of the best RTS conversion experiences ever truly an accomplishment and testament to what mods can do


Black Mesa

Mod review

its half life one for free but better in every way i have no idea what more you could want one of the best fps just got even better and there is NOTHING ELSE YOU CAN ASK FOR

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