I am a German American citizen. Born in the USA and raised in Germany. I might have the American accent but still only know basic English, since I grew up in Germany and went to German school. My passion goes towards level design, video editing, image editing and ofc playing video games. Around 1995 I started my first steps with the Descent Level Editor. Then 1996 when DukeNukem3D came out I was fascinated what could be done with it's editor. It also was very similar to the UEd. After that (1997) I was only mapping with the (Quool) Quake II editor. When finally (1998) Unreal appeared I found my personal favorite editor. I never really got good with all these editor because I had no tutorials to teach me. The ways I learned to handle these programs was trough friends or just to try out myself. I have also been messing around with the more modern editors from Crysis, Amnesia and the new Unreal Editor but after so many years, I lost my interest in gaining knowledge about level design.

Mod Appreciation Week 2020

Mod Appreciation Week 2020


For the 6th year straight Mod Appreciation Week 2020 is here and it's time to talk about our favorite mods.

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