Hello Hello! name's Nutritious Bag Circles but you can refer to me as Telvy! I make Half-Life 2 mod reviews on my YouTube channel along with some other stuff. One of my big dreams in life is to be a game developer and for this channel to grow into a big community and brand. If you are interested in viewing the vids I make then you can check them out on YouTube.com/NutritiousBagCircles Hopefully you have a good time, enjoy your stay and I will see you lay-tor!

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Comatose video review: Youtube.com

Comatose is a short and sweet mod that suffers from many unfortunate flaws such as bad russian-to-english translation and general execution flaws. It's not terrible and has a nice style, plus its very short so you aren't really losing anything


HMS Defiance 2

Mod review

HMS Defiance 2 video review: Youtube.com

HMS Defiance is a much bigger improvement than it's last iteration. It's still average at best but there is so much more with better story, gameplay, level design and so on. It's still flawed but it's way more interesting.


HMS Defiance

Mod review

HMS Defiance 1 & 2 video review: Youtube.com

HMS Defiance is average at best. It isn't that good of a mod but it's not terribly bad. The mod feels very amateur so go easy on this one, understand that this was the mod developer's earliest mod so there really isn't much to see.

It's short, but atleast there is something of a story within it. Go in and don't expect anything fancy, just play through and appreciate that the developer will try bigger and better things in the future.


Nightmare House 2

Mod review

Nightmare House 2 video review: Youtube.com

Nightmare House 2 is a masterpiece of a mod and must be played by both Half-Life fans and horror fans alike.

Everything in this mod is thought out 100% from pacing, atmosphere, progression, gameplay and so on. The mod itself is stable, runs well on most machines and looks great visually and aesthetically

As a horror game it excels in everything and most of the things done in this mod are done at the professional level.

Did I forget to mention that they took an already amazing mod and made it even better with the 2015 update? Go play it and see the great changes made!



Mod review

DayHard Video Review: Youtube.com

While DayHard is extremely flawed in various parts with broken triggers and scripted sequences along with gameplay bugs, its compensated by a great and unique buddy story in one of the most unique settings in any mod, let alone any other game I have ever seen.

It's very fun, does its humor really well, and the music is great and catchy. This mod has reboot potential and hopefully the devs can come back and make another DayHard esque game in the future.



Mod review - 3 agree

constructive critisism:
1.Iron sight for smg error
2.combine literally spawn infront of you
3.not enought in depth storyline
4.magnum feels underpowered


Santa's Revenge 2

Mod review - 1 agree




Mod review

Great mod, play it and enjoy, yet the music is WAY too loud and needs to be fixed, I could barely hear anything else besides the music, either than that its an excellent mod, download it and have fun


Black Mesa

Mod review

Minor textures appear as purple/black checker boards(probably my computer, I'm pretty not sure);purple/black texture eyes, either than that it needs to be updated. Its a fanastic mod, probably the most well made mod when it comes to level design, just play it


Cry of Fear

Game review - 1 disagree

Great mod, worth to play, just needs a few bug fixs and I can't manage to fix the small screen problem on my computer, its probably just my problem

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