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Outpost 16

Mod review

A wonderfully short and sweet mod, Solid game play/and level design is nearly perfect.

Great blend of cinematic presentation/action and story.

And the "mini Boss" at the end was a great touch.

My own criticism is the lighting/darkness in some places makes it very hard to follow the story part/characters.

And I did encounter one big half way through which meant I needed to start all over again but considering it takes 15 minutes to play it's not a deal breaker.


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review - 1 disagree

As an old school HL fan I was happy to wait on this much like a host of other mods that are "Done when they are done".
So after a long time watching this I finally gave it a try and I just cannot get to grips with it.

There is a fantastic amount of effort put into this, and it looks great for the source engine which is clearly showing it's age.

Seeing appearences of old game Xen creatures was wonderful and the redition of Black Mesa is second only to Black Mesa itself.

However like other reviews state, the game is devoid of life and story, now I know the Mod is still beta and perhaps that is what they are working on...if so GREAT I will wait some more, but after nearly two hours of running the gauntlet I was bored and had to stop.

Lastly I have yet to find a Source mod that has bought my 6Core Eyefinity gaming rig to it's knees but this is did the trick somehow.

Still in Beta, Iw ill wait for the final release and try again.


Mission Improbable

Mod review

Superb mapping/lighting and pacing.

Only caught me out one time through the entire thing where I thought I was supposed to kill the gunship (with one rocket) for finding the stash.

Some nice little scripted environmental hazards and all in all a well polished piece of work!.

The only letdown was the very simple story but it's still more than worth playing for the 2-3 hours fun it will give :D.

Oh and Rocket chair for the WIN!!



Mod review

Almost perfect characters,story,puzzles and some great game play changes like turn based combat.

I have no glitches through the entire game and love every second.

Please say this will lead onto some form of retail sequal/full length AAA release as the only thing that let it down was the rough edges on animations/interaction and voice acting (lack of).



Human Error

Mod review

Great mod set in the HL universe, the new enemies (of which there are a more than a few), controlable man-hacks and drivble combine APC! :D

All great stuff, the levels and puzzles are well designed and I encounterd NO glitches of any kind through the entire play through.

About the only thing that doesnt work for me is the story.
How and why we are playing for the combine and what lead up to this point are all left way to late in my opinion and what little we get until the end ment I didn't gel with the characters until very late (when they are unsuilting one another :D ).

There seams so much more depth to the story and it was brushed over.

However the progress can be een in "Water" which is much stronger story wise.

All in all still well worth playing through.



Mod review

Attempt to Survive

Mod review

The good:.

Interesting idea for a completly non-combat mod.
Some reasonable detail in the larger portion of the levels.
The overal setting was good and an interesting use of the stock HL2 assets.

The Meh:

The overal pollish and detail in some levels could be improved!, some areas just ended with practically nothingness....
Cant comment on the voice acting as I had to use English subtitles

The Bad:
Story direction, it felt like the character knew what he wanted to do/where he had to go all the time and the player was only informed of this in the most simple of ways (text on screen), I did find myself wandering round quite a bit).

Overall I'm happy I played and completed it, but it could do with a revamp to smooth out the edges.



Mod review

The Red Alert

Mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagree

Bar a few rough edges it plays well, looks how it should :D.

Is stable enough (hour + and 3 games no crashes yet).

For v1.0 thats great, most games don't come out this stable, roll on the next version. :D.



Mod review - 5 agree - 1 disagree


Great concept/art direction/stable/varied (in and out of the ship sections with some great attention to detai).


Voice acting for about half of the characters/Lengh of conversations with nothing to hold your intrest on that NPC as they just stand still blurting it out, a few little sections that should really have been player controled (for example the small fire fight, your waiting to be given control and it all goes on without you).

The one thing I would chance would be to get someone in to add animations for the NPC's to complete the visuals as they stand out against the lovingly crafted maps/textures/sounds.

All in all great stuff, cant wait for number 2!

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