Also known as NoxYeager and TITEUF-85. @[Return To Castle Wolfenstein](games:return-to-castle-wolfenstein:6) single-player mapper and modder — founder of @[85 Prøductions](groups:85:17398). ✔️ Mostly known for @[The Dark Army: Uprising](mods:tda:23328) / @[The Dark Army: Downfall](mods:tda2:32235) and a many add-ons. Before 2013, my passion for level-design led me to work on: • @[Tomb Raider Level Editor](engines:tomb-raider-level-editor:318) games • @[RPG Maker XP](engines:rpg-maker-xp:177) × @[RPG Maker VX](engines:rpg-maker-vx:176) games • @[Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee](games:oddworld-abes-oddysee:30141) × @[Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus](games:oddworld-abes-exoddus:30142) mods • @[Gamecube](members:gamecube:3933534) game remasters (emulator texture packs)


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