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Novachen @ FreiRaum - FreeSpace auf Deutsch

Mh seems, that you do not understand what this name means.

This is the name of the project to clarify what language we are talking about :)

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Novachen @ Zathras 2.8

I actually do not know, where to report one bug report, because i am not on HLP for some years anymore because of problems with some of the so-called SCP developers regarding my own builds back then, and most of them are still there ^^.

Currently i am playing "Drums of War" for an Insane video playthrough and encountered a problem with the Zathras' nrcontainer.pof. If a NR Freighter is docked with a NR Container, it is unable to dock with a G'Quan destroyer. But if i use the "retail" TBP nrcontainer.pof, everything works flawlessy. So i hope you can fix this model in future releases, because this game needs to be state-of-the-art, because it is a wonderful game. Unfortunately it do not have an active fredding community :(

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Novachen @ Luyten Civil War

Ah i understand :)
Thank you for the answers, that is clarify some things :).
I was only unsure about them, because it seems possible that you had a strategy in mind how to play this mission :) Besides i do not find any hint that these are maybe remnants of an older version due to the fact there are any deactivated cues, or deactivated events like in other mods and missions. I was simple not sure about it. But now, i know more :)

Thank you for the information :).

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Novachen @ Luyten Civil War

Ah sorry due to Encounter. The destruction of Liepzig station is not a Bonus objective. But is also an own debriefing stage in this mission. I think i missed that. And this is doable on a lower difficult setting i think. :-)

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Novachen @ Luyten Civil War

Thanks for the answers,

Sure i am interested how the missions are planned and how it is supposed to beat them with the best possible outcome ;-). And yes, i know that many missions are be supposed to lose :)

I am only asking, because there are debriefing stages in the cases i talk about. There is a debriefing stage for the case, all three transports in Bailed Out survive, and also for the case, that the Iberia aswell the Jackal falls against the Millenium and the Bomber wings. And there is even an arrival cue for a third enemy capital ship, GTC Qatar, in this mission. I want to know, if these are only remnants of older versions of the missions or have you a special strategy in mind the player have to use to reach these objectives? Or are these simple a bonus goal only for people who use ~+I etc., because you mention Hints for cheat using in the release thread on HLP especially. ;-)

And Encounter has a doable Bonus Objective at least on lower difficult settings because you have more time. The destruction of Liepzig Station.
Even this makes no sense, because the station reappear and will be destroyed later again :D.

For Deception, Friend and Foe, than this seems to be a problem on Insane or i am using a wrong strategy perhaps, because i am losing my wingmates too fast against the flak guns and Kagera's Perseus and i can not protect the Leviathan cruiser, because a whole wing of perseus is after me and a complete medusa wing is targeting the cruiser undisturbed :/. So i was able to bring the Kagera down only with the Aeolus and Washington left so far, but maybe i have try harder here.

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Novachen @ Luyten Civil War


i am doing a playthrough on Insane difficulty for YouTube currently. And i encountered some missions, i was unable to perform all objectives, even i try totally different strategies i learned in years of multiplayer and playing on Insane ;).
Is it even possible to perform all Objectives on Insane or it is intended, that you can not do everything without cheats or a very low difficulty setting in this campaign?

I am asking, because i have no idea how to protect both transports in Bailed Out, even in Bomber role, i can not take out the Beam of the Kagera before it take down the first transport.
Another situation is the Nebula mission, because its very hard to catch the GTCv Iberia alone, but i do not have a clue how to protect the Millenium against the Jackal also.

The bonus objective in Encounter is also a science for itself ;) In one of my tries i was able to destroy the Liepzig, but do not have enough time to destroy the Bombers afterwards ^^.

And Deception, Friend or Foe... my wingmates are dying too fast in the Kagera stage, so i can not protect the Leviathan cruiser, because i have to handle whole wings of perseus and medusas all by myself, too hard on Insane :(.

But i like the mod so far (i am at the mission "An Oath upheld", so nearly through), very unique mission design and nice ideas in case of the Bomber/Fighter Role differences. But i do not like most of the music *g*

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