I have bio, I like making games, I play drums, I hate beaches, but walks are fine, as long as there beaches around them. or parks. I like long walks that have a reason aka getting beer. But I have a car and don't need to walk that long, if i did its seriously around the block but sometimes I. I like art, not just games but art, like fancy paintings. Not the stuff disguised as art because some people say it is, but the stuff that is pleasing to my eye. what? oh yeah bio. so. I think I missed the purpose of a Bio here, lets start over. I grew up playing video games and avoiding working with my parents on their farm by playing lots of video games. I went to school and figured out that it would be a lot more school if I wanted to work my dream job. I finished secondary and found a job doing hard labor, which is good so I can sweat there and sit and make games at home. hi metabolism. I'm now financially stable, living on my own downtown in my city and still just making games on my spare tim


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