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NNK_Eclipse @ Now DCD is being infringed upon.

First, you hoped what wouldn't come to this? You never spoke with us about this in private, or talking to us in a civil manner (like you claim to want to do). We haven't been going back and forth for months arguing, this just popped up out of the blue. You just post all over the internet and blast a PM our way full of accusations. Second, what kind of remorse would you expect? Us to stop our mod, delete our files, and throw away two years of work because you "assume" we stole something from your genius that amazingly enough only you could possibly ever think of. You truly are the messiah of game development Mike. And lastly what harm have we done to the modding community? No one (except I guess you and maybe 3-5 other people in the world) could possible be as offended as you are, and thus somehow think that all mods are this monster of evil you claim we are. Most would probably just think to themselves, "that sounds kinda illegal, but they are public and post up news every week, people who would want to know about it could easily find it, and they are just people who really like Naruto"

And then the icing on the cake, you say, "Maybe we can yet work out our differences." Obviously it sounds like that is exactly what you have been trying to do with your post, pm, and comments. I think you mean that maybe all of the NNK team will be so swayed by your bombastic messages and just agree with you. I guess that is your idea of "working out our differences". Because obviously you aren't going to be listening to what we have to say. You are convinced that we are an awful, awful, group of people with the sole intention of ruining everything for everyone.

And the thing that gets me the most is that we never heard a word from you until you thought we stole something from you. Now suddenly we have to be shut down and are a menace to the world. Oh well, I had to get this off my chest because it just kinda managed to hit a cord with me. Enjoy your day and best of luck Mike.

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NNK_Eclipse @ Now DCD is being infringed upon.

Sorry this will be two posts because of length.

Seriously Mike, what is with this unprovoked attack? It totally came out of left field for this ENTIRE NNK team. I don't know of a single person who I talk to from the team or otherwise that has even heard of, or mentioned, your project. And I myself had no idea of this projects existence until today. On top of that you are nit picking to the highest degree since this mechanic has been around for a LONG time. I could understand if we were not based on an anime that already had a move in it, and on top of that called it "undead fingers". Then you would have reason to complain, obviously.

I just don't understand what your angle is in this and why you feel the need to try and publicly slander a mod and go to great lengths to try and get us shut down. Why? Are you that much of an advocate against IP infringement? It just seems like a crusade that you will never win. I mean you can get us shut down and throw away all our hard work, then you can pat yourself on the back and think you did a "good job" and "helped out people"...but why? There are another 3-4 Naruto mods probably active right now, not to mention DragonBall Z, Bleach and many many others. I don't see you blasting away at them.

I'm glad you can flatter yourself with these fantastical ideas that we are just some group complete evil do-ers and jerks and you are the white knight swooping in to save the day and protect the big corporation's IPs from us. It's an interesting thing to read and how you are so adamant that we are the scum of the earth instead of just people who enjoy and are passionate about a subject/anime/what-have-you. On top of this in your messages you say:

"...and I hoped it wouldn't come to this. Perhaps you have some ideas about how your team can demonstrate remorse for your theft and the continuing harm done to the legitimate modding community? Maybe we can yet work out our differences."

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NNK_Eclipse @ Gamers Desire

hello :) who are you all?

j/k :P. How did you find me?

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