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Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension

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This game is absolutely amazing.
I´m a fan of 4x / grandstrategy / civlike and tbs games and this is one of the best tbs i´ve ever played.

First the price kept me off, but after reading a lot of reviews and watching let´s plays i finally bought it and it´s worth every penny.

The first time i give here on desura a 10/10, too.



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excellent 4x - RTS ! more like distant worlds than sins of a solar empire, but more "playable" ( not casual! ) with shipdesign from space empires ! i love it and you should buy it. really.



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So long since last review? Hi, Njordin from germany here.

i play a lot of games like that with rouge-like saving systems ( like DF and Gnomoria )
and im totally looking forward timber and stone and castle story.

That much about me, now to the game itself in short:

Functional UI, smooth gameplay, a lot of content, nearly no bugs, good update policy.
needs a bit more content ( coming )

You start out with some townies and then go for food and ressources: mining, chopping, farming, hunting. Its like playing Minecraft as a pausable RTS. ( for those who dont know the genre ) Then you have to process those ressources: many jobs like blacksmithing, carpentry, masonry and many many more.

Then you´ll start to build your town: defenses like walls, houses, and an big inn for the heroes you might want to attrackt, maybe a fort while your townies are searching for copper / iron and other metals. The heroes are on their own, they´ll eat / sleep and rest in your inn and then go for hunting outside or in the deep caverns your miners dig and find. Many enemies are waiting there, which they need to kill to level up and better equip.

recruit some townie-soldiers for the defense of your town on the surface, prepare for sieges incoming. they can be pretty tough and dont expect an easy going in this game.

Buy it, its totally worth its money. More worth its money than game of dwarves was. Why 10 points? You´ll play this game longer than any actual AAA title and with the things actually WIP you´ll even dont regret buying this game in a few months, as content nearly doubled in the past few months.

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