TO GAME COMPANIES: First of all - thank you for your work and contribution to the world of gaming. As mentioned before: You are the Easter Bunny. We (the modders) are simply painting the eggs. But we are actively engaged in projects of serious game improvements. Mind that we are doing this in our spare time for zero ecomic benefit. I strongly encourage you to consider staff candidates from the Stalker modding scene. This is likely to be one of the best places for you to find motivation and dedication for a professional development environment. Several active modders are well capable of taking part in an actual and professional game development process. And if you choose not to I wish you the best in development and hope that at least some inspiration was found here. Thank you N.Aaroe The modding community

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Seed concept art
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While at a significantly slower pace than milk, gasoline and fuel also degrades over time.

The concept and the advantage bicycles offer has been ignored and underutilized by popular post-apocalypse media, and we are prepared to remedy this in the world of our game, The Seed. 

The bicycle is actually the most  energy efficient method to move a human body, and in extreme survival situations where every additional calorie spent counts, energy conservation could mean life or death. Not to mention the efficiency that mountain bikes offer for traversing long distances and with minimal effort in even rough terrain. 

Bicycles also require no fuel, and some require very low maintenance. 
They are truly an ideal mechanism for survival and are easily replaceable. 

Mountain bikes in The Seed are still rarely seen, since most consider them very valuable, and wouldn't want to risk displaying their most valuable possessions. They are nevertheless present, and utilized by highly efficient groups, moving large distances throughout the region. They are often equipped with carriages that enable the transport of more necessities wherever needed.

Fixes are also often used since they are even simpler to maintain, and don't require as many complex spare parts as multiple speed mountain bikes. 

Silence and stealth is often the best friend to watch your back in the world of The Seed, so people gain a great advantage when traveling with bikes. The few survivors that are left, are the ones that have learned most of the hard lessons that life in this world offers, and don't go around attracting unnecessary attention by using bulky, loud and hard to maintain vehicles. Most that stubbornly still retain this type of naivety, and use loud, bulky machines to move around, are on the verge of extinction and are constantly being preyed upon by more efficient, experienced packs of people.

We have already integrated this aspect of post-apocalyptic survival into the lore and economy of the game,

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