Just a casual gamer who loves horror, interesting and weird games. When I say I'm casual, that's because of two main reasons: 1. I am too lazy to try something new 2. When i find something new that i actually like, i get so excited and get the most i can out that specific game and just feel empty inside after i finish it and i don't really know what to do with my life afterwards. I only post stuff from time to time whenever i have what to talk about. System specs: CPU : not good enough GPU : not good enough RAM : not enough Storage : not enough

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Hello everyone! Since you are watching my blog, you are probabbly bored af, just like me when i write this. I want to tell you something I did like one month ago. So, here i go. If you read my first blog, there i say that i bought a pretty cheap desktop pc, with intel pentium, 2 gb of ram, 512mb video and 160gb hard disk for about 100 euros. Since i'm moving abroad to make a living alone, i can't carry so much with me, only a big troller full of clothes and a backpack. I couldn't carry my whole pc... the case, the display and the other periferical devices. So, i guessed i should... trade it. I found a guy who wanted to trade his laptop for my pc, and i accepted. But since my pc wasn't the best, the laptop wasn't that good either. I ended up with a laptop with a Intel Celeron B830 dual-core at 1.8 ghz with Intel HD Graphics, 4 gb of DDR3 memory, a hard disk of 300 gb and a battery that can last 2+ hours. Well, since i didn't give nothing else but my PC ( with display, mouse, keyboard and all the cables ), I think it was pretty much worth it... or wasn't it? Well, you see... The fact that i give that dumb old pc for a laptop with twice as much RAM and HDD capacity seems pretty good, right? And that was what i thought at that moment... But having it for a month or more now, it seems pretty cheap. It's integrated graphics doesn't lag in youtube at 1080p indeed, but the graphics bugs you will have are worse than a old dusty noisy pc. Also, this laptop gets very hot if i play for 10 minutes a game like Trine 2 at very low graphics. But despite all of these, it's still a better choice for myself. The fact that i can't carry much made me buy a laptop... and i didn't give any money, just my pc which didn't cost me so much. So, having double amount of hard disk space helps me carry all my music and favourite poor-graphics games whitout lagging at all when it boots up... and i don't have to carry those useless speakers since this laptop has a stereo system in it, and yeah, it's a good quality one. And since the power consumption was pretty high on that pc, i find myself pretty relaxed with the electric bill because it costs me 8 times less to stay one hour on the laptop... and don't forget that i have a working battery on this machine. So, my advice is that if you want to move or travel often and you want your luggage or backpack to have space for other things, buy a laptop. But go for a laptop with dedicated video memory if you have the money. Have a good day, reader!

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