Main designer of Amnesia: The Streets of London which I worked on between 2014 - 2016. Also have a youtube channel which I post weird stuff on so if your into that kind of stuff, look it up. Moddding Credits: Amnesia: The Streets Of London - Main Designer, Writer, Mapper, Sound Design & Music and Testing Five Magics - Assets and Testing Simulacrum - Music, Sound Designer and Testing Monsters: Monsters - An Amnesia Concept - Mapper

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Hello, My Name is Ben the main developer of the Amnesia: The Dark Descent mod, The Streets Of London, a full conversion mod that uses assets from Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and takes place at the same time as it.

It has been over 2 years since I started working on Streets Of London, I don't remember the exact date but it was around February-March time. In April of 2014, it was a normal amnesia custom story but by June it had turned into a full conversion mod and in August 2014 I released the Alpha/Demo that help bring alot more people interested in this project.

The Mod has encountered some roadblocks but now it is more closer to release than ever before! All of the maps are coded/designed and the mod can be played from start to finish, only play-testing and story etc is need to be done. I dunno if the mod would be released in Q4 2016 but it is an estimated guess and hopefully it would come out at that time.

Origins and development of The Streets Of London.

Amnesia: The Streets Of London started out as a survival map I made for Amnesia: The Dark Descent using vanilla assets but soon I got hold of assets from Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and started using them in Dark Descent and created a level using the streets from A Machine For Pigs and soon that level in evolved into a street survival map with a couple of Manpigs running around. Some I got the citizens from AMFP working and could code them like enemies and the idea popped into my mind. I should recreate The Street level from AMFP but from a other point view. From April-June I created a whole bunch of awful levels that were later scrapped bar two which were the ones used in the Demo I released in August 2014, the hotel and the housing estate, the latter being the second map ever created for the map but it has been salvaged and expanded upon abit.

Alot of scenes/events and levels are highly inspired by Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs but I was inspired by The War Of The Worlds By H.G Wells which takes place around the same time and also involves London being attacked by an unnatural malevolent force and the film The Exorcist that basically influenced me alot in general and helped me create an unnerving atmosphere and some of the scares and creepy moments in the mod.

In the demo, I stated in the pre-menu texts that I removed all story elements but at the time I had no story at all but was toying around ideas like The Main Character is searching for a loved one and at December 2014, the story was about an American visting relatives in London for the Christmas holidays but gets caught up in the invasion of London but both storylines have been cut but some ideas were salvaged from it and were used in the current story.

The name of the mod changed about, at first it had no need besides the files of the original survival map which was named: Roommfp/ The Room: A Machine For Pigs which sounds like what if Tommy Wiseau made AMFP. One of the ideas for a title was The Survival Of The Fittest and it was used when I was converting the mod from a regular custom story to a full conversion mod and when the story was literally man gets caught in the invasion and runs around the streets until the night ends and almost everyone else in London was dead and so he came to the conclusion that ended in to the title drop, The Survival Of The Fittest but I finally decided to go with The Streets Of London because I felt it was simple and describes the mod best aswell it attracted people who was tired of dungeon dwelling mods and wanted something different and made with AMFP assets.

Early versions of the included some scrapped ideas like Permanent Death(Not really scrapped but you have to wait and see) and Permanent Sanity Damage but I decided to remove the sanity meter since the visual effects of it made alot of events that were hard to see already. I originally wanted to promote combat in the mod and encourage players to take a stand against the monsters but the enemies didn't have a flinch animations or the code that allowed it.

On August of 2014, I released the demo of Amnesia: The Streets Of London which made more people aware of the project and was well-received from the Amnesia modding community and players despite some serious performance issues which I have made one of my top tasks to make sure that the final version of the mod doesn't suffer from hopefully.

This is a picture from The Neighbourhood/Housing Estate Level that was packaged in the Demo, it may not seem much but alot has changed from 2014 to now. I'm looking forward to finally finishing this mod and showing it to other people and hopefully enjoying it.


I'm glad you like what yous saw from the mod and decided to watch and stick to the project through thick and thin and help/voted for the mod gain some publicity during The Mod Of Year Awards of 2014 which the mod didn't get into the top 100 but I'm sure it was close enough and that's great enough. Hopefully the mod will come out at Q4 for everyone to play! Thank yous for your time.


Very impressive
Reminds me of when I used to develop In Her Memory..
I really hope to see this released
Definitely holds a lot of promise and potential!

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