Hola, I am Neuntoter, main programmer for Enguised Studios. Besides writing game engines and special features, I love to play games and watch movies. Most of my influences come from games like Contra, DooM I,II, and 3, Icewind Dale, Final Fantasy (first NES version). Currently my partner Nonulok and I have been hard at work to bring Tik Tok Tank to life for the masses to enjoy. I also have a small side project in the works. Hmmm, what will that one be like....

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Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for..... Du, du, duuuuu. Tik Tok Tank now has an official demo which will be submitted on ModDB/IndieDB tonight. It has pretty much most of the features the game will be initially released with along with only some of the content. We are also hoping to be able to set up some kind of pre-purchase that will give you beta access. Along with beta access you will also receive all updates as they are finished instead of receiving them all at launch. This will give you the community a chance to play the game at a discounted price and give vital input to help make the game a very enjoyable experience for you and other game player types.

The demo will be a timed demo. Gameplay will go on for 5 minutes and then fall back to the title screen for you to go again for another 5. It will also feature a tiny example world map, not the completed full release world map which will be about 6x the size.

The more demo downloads we get the greater the discount will be when pre released. Anything over 100 downloads for the first week of the demo will make the discount $2 off of the $3 price tag. Anything less it will only be a $1 discount.

More details tonight.


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