I'm not trying to take credit for anyones work and I don't want to steal anything from anyone either. I simply want to share a EaW/FoC-mod, which I have compiled with help from around the EAW/FoC community. A mod based on George Lucas' animated TV-series Star Wars - Clone Wars.

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Ideas about the next Star Wars trilogy

nett40 Blog

The seventh installment of the Star Wars saga should be kept in the spirit of the classic trilogy, with a look towards the exciting game "The Old Republic" for inspiration. The new episode is rumored to begin approximately 30-35 years after the events in ‘Return Of The Jedi' (ROTJ), which leaves amble room for manouvre.

I believe the best way to continue this great saga is to think out of the box, but still keep the basic concepts of classic Star Wars at the core of the adventures (Sith vs. Jedi). Disney/Lucasfilm should not try to fit the multitude of events from the Expanded Universe into the new movies.

Inspiration from the trailers of the Old Republic game could help to establish the feeling of a Galaxy divided and in turmoil following the events in ROTJ. I basically imagine the Galaxy divided between the Warlords of the Imperial Remnant (30%), the New Republic (30%) and a multitude of neutral independent systems (40%).

The many independent systems of the Galaxy should not be willing to re-unite under any form of central Galactic government after the fall of the Empire. The destruction of the democratic institutions of the Old Republic by Palpatines' New order, should NOT be easily overcome. It could take Jedi-counselors centuries to restore faith in a central Galactic government again.

A shaky armistice (Treaty of Coruscant), between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, should be in place at the beginning of the movie. This armistice should have been agreed to by both sides, following almost two decades of intense warfare between them.

The New Republic and the revived Jedi Order is militarily strong, but does not approve of military conquest as a form of expansion. That is why Jedi-counselors are dispatched to all corners of the galaxy, in an effort to sway the many independent neutral systems to slowly re-join a Galactic Republic via trade arrangements and various treaties that ensures FREEDOM to all sentient beings.

However, the many force sensitive agents of the late Lord Sidious (Imperial Hands, Guards, Inquisitors and Dark Acolytes) are also being re-united under a new strong Sith leader who deplores the break-up of the once almighty Galactic Empire. This new Sith Master has used the past decades to reform the ways of the ancient Sith Order to bring back LAW & ORDER to the chaotic Galaxy. The Sith Master has changed the ways of the Sith away from the "rule of two", so that the Sith will have the sufficient numbers to re-conquer the whole Galaxy and defeat the New Republic and its hated Jedi defenders.

The powerful new Sith Order with its many warriors and agents would force the Imperial warlords of the Deep Core to unite behind them during the first movie. Thus turning the Imperial Remnant into a new strong Sith Empire with well-known TIE-fighters (incl. TIE-defenders), Star Destroyers, Stormtroopers, Walkers and Imperial Officers at its disposal. The Sith Empire would begin expanding into neutral territory militarily and this would bring it into direct confrontation with the New Republic and the Jedi Order. The stage is set for brand new great STAR WARS adventures, battles between good and evil and light sabres ratling...

Theatrical Versions Of The Classic Trilogy

nett40 Blog 2 comments

I believe that it would add a lot of credit to Disney among true SW fans, if they restored the Old Trilogy to its near-original theatrical versions and released those in HD quality instead of "new" 3D versions of the classic movies.

They could keep some of the improved background sceneries and special effects, such as Mos Eisly in ANH and Bespin's Cloud City in TESB.

However, most of the added/edited scenes will have to be cut away and the original scenes restored, such as: Han Solo shooting first in the bar in ANH. Remove the scene with Jabba and Han Solo in the hangar from ANH. Restoring Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker in the retouched scene in ROTJ.

George Lucas' heavily edited versions of the movies could then be released as director's cut versions or as a special edition TV-series of the original movies.

I know George Lucas wanted to improve the original movies, but in doing so he took away some of that which made them so special. Altering original classic movies, other than with a director's cut version, should simply not be made. The original versions should always be available to the public and posterity.

Just imagine a digitally "enhanced" version of the original James Bond movie, with Dr. No now having a more realistic robotic hand! It just wouldn't be right, for so many reasons, if you afterwards made the original version unavailable.

What do you think?

Thoughts About The New Star Wars Movies

nett40 Blog

I hope that Disney will build upon the succes of the Clone Wars series, when they plan the new Star Wars (SW) movies that are expected to come out every 2-3 years. One of the great things about the Clone Wars TV-series is that it doesn't have any episode numbers.

This means that you can jump between different eras and moments within the timeline and that is why I wish that Disney will remove the Episode numbers/designation from the SW movie titles. Btw. when the original Star Wars movie was released in 1977 there was no episode number in the title nor in the opening crawl ("Episode IV - A New Hope" was added later).

Future DVD/Blueray covers should simply be versions of the original movie posters, without any Episode designation.

Star Wars (1977)
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Star Wars - Return Of The Jedi (1983)
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace (1999)
Star Wars - Attack Of The Clones (2002)

Star Wars - Revenge Of The Sith (2005)

All existing SW movies already have well-known titles, no need for roman numerals. The next SW movie should simply be referred to as Star Wars 7, untill its title is known.

This way Disney could make new Star Wars movies about what happens to an old Luke Skywalker in the New Republic era , as well as, new movies about the Clone Wars era or the Old Republic era.

No need for the unflexible episode chronology, as the opening crawl at the beginning of each movie easily could place the movie within the Star Wars timeline.

What do you think?

A few thoughts about how good George Lucas' Galaxy far, far away could have been

nett40 Blog

Imagine if the movies of the Prequel Trilogy had been made in the same spirit as the awsome trailers of the new "The Old Republic" game. Youtube.com.

In such a "what if-version" the Galactic Republic should have battle droids and local security forces instead of clone troopers. Just as Obi-Wan says: "flying is for droids", Republic and Jedi policy should be "that wars are fought by droids NOT living sentient beings". The Republic should be extremely unprepared for war and relay entirely on its brave Jedi Generals and their massive droids armies.

The Republic Navy should include: Dreadnought-class cruisers, Hammerhead-class frigates, Consular-class corvettes, as well as, Droid-fighters and Delta-7 Jedi starfighters. In addition there should be many different local units, such as: Mon Calamari Providence-class cruisers, Niemodian Lucrehulk-class freighters, Phorax-38 fighters, Geonosian Nantex fighters, Noobian N-1 Royal starfighters, V-19 Torrent fighters and ARC-170 starfighters.

In this alternate version the Sith Emperor (the evil vengeful nemesis of the Jedi Order) would be as old as Yoda. The exiled Emperor and his followers should have been in hiding for almost a millenia (800 years), planning their vengeance on the Republic and its hated defenders. The Sith and Moffs should have perfected the art of cloning to re-create an enormous military machine, based mainly on clones of ruthless Mandalorian mercenaries.

The forces of the Sith Empire should include: Clone troopers in phase 2 armour, AT-TE walkers, AT-AP walkers, AT-RT walkers, AT-OT walkers, Destroyer Droids (droidekas), Mandalorian Commandos (Death watch), Imperial officers, Sith warriors, Venator-class Star Destroyers, Acclamator-class transports, primitive TIE-fighters and TIE-bombers (imagine mixing the ETA-2 actis-design with the Alpha-3 Nimbus V-wing-design). Grand Moff Dooku would be the leader of the Imperial war effort. Other major Sith villains could be Assaij Ventress, Darth Maul and Darth Grievous.

Episode I begins with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn on a tour of the Outer Rim, in a large Dreadnought-class Republic cruiser, to investigate rumours of a "Phantom Menace". While our heroes are on Naboo, the Sith Empire launches their surprise attack with massive fleets of Venator-class Star Destroyers spawning primitive TIE-fighters on an unprepared peaceful Republic. The Republic cruiser above Naboo launches it's Droid-fighters and engage the enemy, but the ship is owerwhelmed by the much larger invasion fleet.

Naboo would be one of the first planets to fall, as we see Imperial Acclamator-class transports deploying clone troopers and AT-TE walkers upon the surface of many worlds simultaneously across the Galaxy. Noobian N-1 Royal starfighters engage the Imperial invasion fleet above Naboo, just as the Grand Army of the Gungans engage the invading clone army on the ground. But the local forces are no match to the Imperials and they are easily defeated.

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn is killed as he and a few battle droids manages to buy Obi-Wan, Queen Amidala and Captain Typho enough time to escape. Their ship is damaged during the escape and they have to land on Tatooine for repairs. Padmé Amidala and Obi-Wan (instead of Qui-Gon) encounters Anakin Skywalker, who helps them. Obi-Wan, Padmé and Anakin arrives at Coruscant just in time for Queen Amidala to add the last warship of the Naboo (her small flagship) to a large Republic fleet that is going to send re-enforcements to Geonosis. Episode I ends with a Republic victory on Geonosis. However, the Empire is still advancing everywhere else and the situation is dire.

Episode II would be about the adventures of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Padmé during a large scale counter-offensive by the Galactic Republic. The objective would be to liberate hundreds of the more than thousand worlds, which have been occupied by the Sith Empire in the interim period between episode I and II. Take a look at the Old Republic's "Hope-trailer" about a battle on Alderaan. During this succesfull offensive the relationship between Anakin and Padmé should bloom into a true love-affair. At the end of Episode II Anakin and Padmé should be married in a secret ceremony, just as they do in AOTC. After all, it is forbidden for a Jedi to enter into deep personal relationships, as they are the defenders of all sentient beings.

Episode III would beginn with Mandalorian commandos kidnapping Padmé Amidala from Anakin's bed on Coruscant and taking her to Mustafar. Anakin is incapacitated and given an ultimatum; help the commandos deactivate the droid armies of the Republic, from within the Jedi Temple, or Padmé will face a horrible death. Deep beneath the Jedi Temple Anakin enters the deactivation code on the central main frame computer and an epic Sith attack on Coruscant beginns. Take a look at the Old Republic's "Decieved"-trailer for inspiration.

A furious battle above and upon Coruscant follows and only a handful Jedi and Sith would remain alive after its over. Mace Windu is killed defending the Jedi Temple and only Obi-Wan on Utapau and Yoda on Kashyyk seem to be able to escape the Imperial onslaught, as the droid armies of the Republic suddenly shut down across the Galaxy. Defending Republic fleets orbiting Utapau, Kashyyk and other systems are hastilly recalled to defend Coruscant. Local starfighters are also requested to aid the Republic units defend Coruscant, as the Republic's Droid-fighters also have been deactivated by Anakin.

During the sacking and conquest of Coruscant, An unconscious Anakin is taken aboard the Imperial flagship above Coruscant. The Sith Emperor now offers the young Jedi-traitor (Anakin), who had caused most of his friends to be killed to save his secret-wife, a deal. It would be the same deal that the Emperor later offers Luke in ROTJ. Anakin can either choose to let himself and Padmé be killed or he could let himself be turned to the dark side. While the assembling units of the Republic Navy is being destroyed in the battle above Coruscant, Anakin chooses to join the Sith after having killed Darth Grievous in a duell, very much resembling the duel between Vader and Luke in ROTJ.

Once the battle is over and the capital world of the Galactic Republic has fallen, terrified Senators are forced to pledge allegiance to the new Galactic Empire. Anakin is allowed to fly to Mustafar aboard a Victory-class Star Destroyer to release Padmé from her Mandalorian captors. Here he tries to convince her to pledge allegiance to the New Order of the Galactic Empire. While, she begs him to leave the Galaxy with her, so they can escape the evil of the Empire. At this point neither Padmé nor Anakin knows that she is pregnant. Anakin even offers to surplant the Emperor and make her his Empress (just as Vader offers Luke to rule the Galaxy as father and son in ESB).

But their discussion is cut short as Padmé is saved in a rescue operation by Obi-Wan, Captain Typho, Jan Dodonna and other loyal Republic officers and pilots (who have decided to continue the fight against the Empire). Obi-Wan almost kills a furious Anakin during Padmé's rescue. Padmé goes into life-long hiding on Alderaan as Bail Organa's wife (remember Leia's memory of her mother being very sad in ROTJ).

At the end of Episode III Anakin (now as Darth Vader) and the Emperor could very well be the only two surviving Sith Lords. But with all the droid armies of the Republic deactivated and the Republic Navy destroyed, they would be in abolute control of the Galaxy.

However, the birth of Leia and Luke on Aalderan brings new hope to an enslaved Galaxy...

Comparing the Old Republic trailers with the Prequel Trilogy

nett40 Blog

After I have seen the trailers of Star Wars the Old Republic. I must say that I'm very, very impressed, the story-line of the trailers are what the Prequel Trilogy should have been like. They have that unique Star wars feeling from the Old Trilogy. Please have a look here: Youtube.com

Just imagine Obi-Wan Kenobi andd Qui-Gon Jinn playing the roles of the two Jedi in the opening trailer of the Old Republic game.

I never imagined the Clone Wars would be about another civil war, until the Prequel Trilogy made it so. In the looong years between Episode VI and Episode I, my thoughts about the Clone Wars were centered around a powerful enemy from somewhere beyond the known Galaxy attacking a peaceful Galactic Republic.

The Prequel Trilogy in its present form simply spends too much time on politics and explaining the obvious. There is simply too little of the Old Trilogy's breath-taking adventure in them.

The Old Republic has no complicated political intrigue, only great adventures, battles between good and evil and light sabres ratling...

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