I can't say something... because I don't do nothing :P (This is not real. Don't think bad about me ) Thanks :)

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Back again here

Malvado_Zombie[X] Blog

Hello all members of ModDB!

I"m just and old member who was lost, I mean "away" from this site for a long time... Almost 2 years O_o. Well... I'm back and but with something new... Learning PHP language to start programming and help someone in mods or in a game (one of my dreams). This is taking me a bit of my time, because I'm in the final High School year and doing the University test to get a place to study at my 18 years, so in other words, busy.

But, anyway, I think that's all, except, I was playing Freelancer a lot, because in 2009 got a new internet connection, so full time Internet games and mod testing... but now like I said, not so much... dang, I want finish the High School and the University test, to get only 1 month to rest and get the PHP learning back on my list again

See ya, all ModDB partners, miss you a lot these years!

P.D: I'm now Malvado_Zombie[X] because my Freelancer clan are Zombies, and like the name :]

Mod-DB... Great place

Malvado_Zombie[X] Blog 1 comment

What did you think about Mod-DB?


I think... WoW this page is awesome... because is a good place to start to build your own mods and games. Your can form a group and make friends too... But the best part is: you can share your ideas of mod, can download the great projects of another member and get news about the games and its projects


Can this site be better?

I don't think that. Is perfect... Look it... Tutorial for the starters, news about the mods and games, friends, groups, etc. (I don't what can I say xD. sorry but I can say nothing :D)


Enjoy this site!!!!


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