I developed a few flash games on newgrounds when I was a kid. Jazzy Jones and the Mr.Dungus Game. And then I went on to make Groovy Invaders. Which is available on my website.

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Hey, it's been a while since my last update. I'm currently working on making mobile games. Starting off with a much needed update for Fart Man. It'll have new updates to the gameplay to make it easier, along with updates to the gift shop with new content to buy. With hopefully new content being added regularly.

New enemies will be added to, such as blimps and the insta-kill grim reapers:


Grim Reaper floating 1

Also new different color Fart Man outfits. With new outfits beings added regularly.

fartman green farting

Fart Man

Check out the first new track for my game, Chronosaur!


also, Check out Chronosaur's indieDB page!


I'm putting stuff back up on Newgrounds again! Try out Killer Kubes and give us a vote, we could really use it!


Hopefully things we'll turn out okay, I'll let you guys know if not.

Currently putting the finishing touches on Fartman. I'll probably be posting that on Newgrounds too!

I've decided to start putting out games monthly, this game for March will be Fart Man

(Full title is The Misadventures of Fart Man.)

You play as Fart Man, a guy with super-powered flatulence that makes him fly. Help him by farting to stay in the air by tapping the screen. Help him grab snacks to keep on farting while avoiding hazards like Crows and Airplanes. How far can you travel the skies with Fart Man?

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 3

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 3

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 2

Screen Shot 2016 03 12 at 12 15 1

I recently uploaded a second game to Google Play. Come download it and maybe leave me a review if your so kind. The Game is called Killer Kubes. My first 3D game where you run around is a sphere, defending yourself from the evil Killer Kubes! Play.google.com

Will be releasing another game very soon. More details on it as its release approaches.

I'm currently taking a small break from porting the rest of Groovy Invaders. And making a few different apps to make for the app store. There will be more news on the apps I'm working on very soon.

Groovy Invaders

So yesterday I just released my first Android App, which is the Demo version to Groovy Invaders.

Please come download the demo and tell me what you think!


So today, I finished the 14th level to Groovy Invaders. I plan on making 25 levels to the main story to

the game, and at least 5 secret levels that you can unlock after you finish the game.

Screen shot 2015 08 08 at 3 10 4

I also added a Turbo Fire game mechanic. Where you can fire missiles faster as long as you have enough

green energy. ( Which is the green bar on the bottom right. )

Screen shot 2015 08 08 at 3 12 0

Screen shot 2015 08 08 at 3 12 1

There's plenty more soon to come. Thanks for reading!

Groovy Invaders

So recently I just updated my game, for the sixth time. In this latest update, I added another secret level.

Bringing the total of secret levels past the main game to three. These levels don't have

story segments yet, but will in later versions. Right now, these secret levels introduce 2 new

enemy types that provide the player a fresh challenge.

The first and second player ships have also been tweaked. Their charge attacks have been swapped,

making them more balanced and fair.

Please come download my game and tell me what you think. I'm trying to share it with as many

people as I can! :)

Groovy Invaders

So when I'm not working on my game, Groovy Invaders. I'm usually working on my youtube channel. And it's shaping up quite nicely. I just uploaded a trailer to my video on it the other week. Come watch!