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naruto-hokager @ VampireSlayer 2.0 beta

Report N° 2

-As Dark Wizard, the Thunder Attack doesn't affect enemy... Same for the Cross Flamme
-As Blade without sword, when we dont move... He dancing ? xD
-In Cemetery map : No enemy... *sad* :(
-More "Battle maps" would be great, like the default maps of max payne 2, enemy spawn undefinetly
-The game performance is pretty good on my old computer

And the most important...
Music without slowmotion please !!! >.<
When we're playing samourai, we need a cool music, and you know that: Samourai is fast, so if we need to activate slowmotion for having music... *sigh*

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naruto-hokager @ VampireSlayer 2.0 beta

If you mean, you can only choose "Slayer" in the main menu, it's because tou DIDN'T finished the original game, you must finish the original game for unlocking other options.
Or... You can get a 100% save.

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naruto-hokager @ VampireSlayer 2.0 beta

Hello there !

I thought the development of the mod was stoped but apparently not !
I tested a lot of mods of Max Payne 2 and my best was Element of Style, but now it's totally Vampire Slayer 2.0 !!

I have tried for a while now and I have played actually only with the Dark Wizard and here is my opinion:

- The animation is perfect ! Except one when we jump/flying with AutoGlock, it's like a little buggy, but i think you actually noticed it and work on it.
- I really appreciated that there are many new animations of attacks! It's very cool !
- With the news maps you made, and news NPCs, monsters it's like i'm playing a new game !! The monsters animations is very cool !

I probably going to appreciated the others characters and maps :)

Oh btw ! When we are selecting guns, you should wear something that allows us to distinguish what is currently selected weapon, personnaly I struggled to know what weapon I selected ... Maybe you could, for example, increase the brightness of the weapon selected

And finally, if you need someone to do test and find bugs, you can tell me, I'll be happy to help you, but i dont have a powerfull computer...
Graphic Card 128 mo, 1.5 Go ram and 2.6 Ghz processor

Good luck ! And again : BIG CONGRALUTION :)

Edit: Oh yeah... Sorry for my bad english, i'm french

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