Soooooo.... Ive been tinkering with PCs since about 2003 when I got out of the USMC. I bought my first PC off a fellow Marine for about $50. That was a Compaq Presario something something. It had a Celeron and about 256mb RAM. It was at this time when I discovered Maximum PC and that was the beginning of my PC tinkering journey. Since then I have built a few systems, non which I would call extreme or super powerful, but all doing exactly what I wanted, nothing more (sometimes less). As for gaming, I have been on and off since about 2003, mainly playinf UT2003 and SC4 and the HL1 series. Yeah, I know...whatever. Anyways, Last year when my daughter was born, I discovered that its not that bad staying up watching her....because I can play games while I do it :) I have always heard about steam, but never really paid attention to it until then. So I checked it out and it was a godsend for me. I currently have about 150+ games on steam, most the result of summer deals and deals in general as

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Just picked up this game on a Steam sale after a free weekend. I thought I'd give it a try after reading most of the negative reviews.
So far I have put in about 5 hrs of game play, including some online play.
The game reminds me of a battlefield mod, mainly because of the different skills that the classes posses.
For example, in battlefield BC2 you can revive players after a short while. I think Brink one ups it, as it gives the player the option to either re-spawn at the spawn point, or get revived and continue fighting.
I like the gun and character customization as well.
The challenges allow you to learn different techniques and level up at the same time.
The game feels a little laggy, however that might be because of the 30fps lock that the system sets ([Work Around] for 30FPS lock in Single Player and Challenges =
As for the way the game looks, I think it looks spectacular, but I am spoiled by BF and destructible environments, which this doesn't have.
Overall, for the less that $7 that I invested on it this weekend, I'm getting my moneys worth, and believe that the challenges and multiplayer will have me coming back for more.

As for the complaining about being let down after paying full price, hey this can happen with anything, not just learn from that and only get them when the go on sales, like I do. I have over 200 games and have yet to pay full release day pricing on any of them...
If you absolutely have to have the game when it comes out, that's just the chance you take (on anything, not just games)



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Got this during one of the Humble Bundle sales. I just got around to playing it last night. I really like the way that the mouse in integrated into the game. I like how you must actually "aim" your shield for protection, rather than just clicking the button and letting the game do the rest. Little details like this make me appreciate the game. The game is visually stunning and the soundtrack will keep you immersed.
Love it
Cant wait for part 2!



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