Big fan of Metroid, Stargate, Star Wars, Halo, Legend of Zelda games, Advance Wars, Avatar: Last Airbender, DC, Marvel, and over 95% of all Anime. (Okay maybe not 95%, 50%) Any images I post here on my profile are mine unless I say I found it on google or somewhere else (If it's not a video game screenshot, it's not mine) I've changed my username from Admiral Ace to Admiral Ash to partial resemble my username on other sites and my Minecraft username, AshUzumaki

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Heroes of the Republic
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what mod is this? i'd play it, please dont say i can get it moddb, cant install stuff without outo installer lol, i'd stink as a modder

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My lastest attempt to add in new heroes into my copy of RaW.

The heroes are, starting from the second fleet box.
Admiral Wulf Yularen, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin and the Executrix, Captain Terrnald Screed and the Arlionne, Captain Jan Dodonna and the Valiant. Dodonna and Screed command Victory I SDs of the Victory Fleet. Captain Gilad Pellaeon and the Leveler, Senator Bail Organa and the Tantive IV, Senator Garm Bel-Iblis and the Pride of Corellia(Dreadnought), Prime Minster Lama Su, Barris Offee, Aayla Secura, Luminara Unduli, Shaak Ti, Nejaa Halcyon(Corran Horn's GrandFather), Chewbacca, Commander Gree, Commander Bly, Omega Squad, Captain Fordo and the Muunilinst 10, Commander Bacara, Commander Deviss, Captain Rex and Torrent Company, 212th Attack Battalion, 442nd Siege Battalion, 327th, 501st, 41st, Shadow Squadron, Razor Squadron, Red Squadron, Pride of the Core.

I don't I need to explain the heroes on the planet's surface, but the one beside Ahsoka is Quilan Vos. Now I just need to add all the Heroes I want for the CIS and then I'll be happy!

But it's really going to suck when the next version of RaW comes out. Two years from now.

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