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Piraka rap as Gold Mode music

Mod review

Does exactly what it says on the tin and for that I cannot fault it


Dark Interval

Early access mod review - 2 agree

Dark Interval is a grim and richly detailed retelling of Half-Life 2 as it once could have been, featuring a lot of unique takes on old concepts that made this mod a joy to play for those looking to experience the old storyline.

My only real concern is visual, and that's issues with cubemaps. A lot of areas in maps have perfect use of cubemaps; a lot of them have less than perfect use of cubemaps. The Hyperborea/Borealis section has a number of issues in particular, with City 17 having them less regularly. This is only an issue because otherwise the presentation is top-notch; by association with incredible visuals, these issues stick out a lot more than they might do otherwise.

Still an incredible play, and every part afterwards probably will, too. Worth a play, now, and always.


HDTF: 24 Hours

Mod review

best kar98k in shooter games


Entropy : Zero

Mod review - 2 disagree

one of the best HL2 mods I have ever played. difficulty spikes and such stopped me at points, but these were quickly addressed by the developer who was aware of some of these issues.

the additions are very welcome, and the guns feel like they have significant punch to them. very well done, from one source modder to another.


Vengeance of the Blood Ravens

Mod review

is gud

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