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I am sure you are all aware of the recent changes in game developer giants' policies. They have ruled out mods in favor of DLC's and short lifespan for their games. Why is that? Well, obviously, mods can replace DLC's and newer games, which means less profit for the game developers.

Not that they need all that profit. To them, loss means less profit. This is pure greed. And they are not willing to give it up. I myself tried some diplomacy with EA, but other than giving me false hope, they did nothing. They are way beyond recovery, and are rotten to the core with greed.

But let's not generalize. There are still developers like CryTek that provide us with the SDK of their most powerful engine, free of charge for non-commercial game development. And their prices are very affordable for financial game development. That's not the point, though.

Other than a large number of employees, high budgets, access to military personnel for information and weaponry for scanning, modelling, and sound recording, DICE have no advantage over indie studios like Black Sand Studios. Still, that is not a problem.

To compensate for a low number of people in each indie studio, they can cooperate and create joint projects. There are many independent developers who are just as talented as DICE, maybe even more. And if they work together, DICE are no match against them, because unlike DICE, who view game design as a job, the indie devs see it as a labor of love.

Budget. If the indie studios create a well designed game, I, for one, will gladly pay for it. And if they don't want to charge for the game, they can request the people to pitch in on the costs of game development. Those of us who can will surely pay our share of the costs.

There is enough information available on the internet to create models and textures for any kind of weapon. Many even have access to weapons. For example, my brother has a registered Glock 19, handcuffs, OC spray, a tactical flashlight, a stun gun and a pistol belt, which he uses for his job, as limited authority law enforcement. I have enough skills to model them.

Lastly, we need to design a proper gameplay. With all the brilliant minds among us, we can think of something even better than Battlefield. I've already come up with some ideas, and I'm willing to share them with those who will hear the call.

Maybe we need to remind the likes of EA that without us, they are nothing.

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