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After posting the changelog yesterday, I set the mod to transfer to Yerkyerk. I see this morning that the transfer is complete. As soon as Yerkyerk is done making the installer, he'll send it back to me to test. If it looks good, it will be released. However, this is all mostly in Yerkyerk's capable hands now. Yerkyerk and Jiaco have full access to the modpage now, and you can look to them for updates and tidbits.

As far as the status of the mod--how complete it is, I'll say 99%. I was reminded this morning, doing a quick run through the blood cave, that no matter how hard I look, there's always something I've missed. In this case, I missed a bowl of fruit. It will be obvious to those of you who stumble upon it. This inappropriately placed bowl of fruit was a placemarker that I forgot about, for 4 full months, only to notice it this morning after I already sent the mod off to Yerkyerk. So, over the next few weeks, I expect more bowls of fruit to be brought to my attention.

As far as the 99% goes, that final 1% are things I didn't want to delay the mod over. For example, I have a problem with monster vocalization; I'll call it "chanting." I believe it may be a problem with the randomization, but when you set monsters to have a chance to vocalize, groups of them are more likely to vocalize at the same time. Even with a relatively low chance to activate. This happens a lot with the Machae I notice now, but it's less obvious as they're speaking gibberish. Players will notice this more in the Blood Cave, where monsters will vocalize in English--there's really only one particular area where it's excessive. So, that's the kind of thing that was left unresolved for now. Nothing that will affect gameplay--just a few minor cosmetic issues like that.

Anyway, my work for now is DONE! And I enjoy the sweet comfort of knowing that all the pressure's on Yerkyerk now. :D

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