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Going to head off to my 3rd surgery on the 24th of this month so i thought i'd tell a little story...

On January 20th of 2009 i had a little bit of a crash. I was snowboarding and happened to be tucking down the mountain. The ground was getting choppy so i started to slow down to stop and wait for the people behind me. Right after i turned to face down the hill to brake i hit a small stump buried under the powder which forced me into a fast roll and i landed on the base of my neck. I folded in half, well more like a third, and my chin touched my stomach. The force of it snapped my sternum but for some reason, of which the doctors nor anyone can figure out, didn't break my back. After the initial break and pain it ebbed away and i figured it was alright....which was stupid obviously. It was the end of the day so i headed home and forgot about it. That was also the last time i had gone snowboarding that year because i didnt have time again after that. Once i started soccer though i ended up finding out just how painful it is. It might have actually started to heal before i started soccer, but then i probably re-broke it in soccer. Needless to say i got a CT and they found it was broken. Then the stupid ass doctors decided it would be best to wait 6 months for surgery, JUST in case it started to heal. When it didnt heal, and was officially a non-union, there was only one place in the northwest that wanted to deal with the damn thing. So i went to seattle in November and had my first surgery, which sucked. Blablabla second surgery to replace screws, blabla stupid fucking doctors neglected to replace all the screws which were too long so now they are rubbing and scratching my heart. Which is sort of like having a water balloon in an earthquake surrounded by screws. Anywhoo, now heading into the third surgery i would say the moral of the story is.....uhm....don't break yourself at inopportune times?

At least im not dead lol

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