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Alright, time I actually started using this :). I've been here since the beginning (look at the address bar, 646th modDB member ever) and used to use this site as my regular dose of mod news and gossip; particularly back in the day when I had some free time to actally do the mod stuff itself. Recently, over the last few years, I've been too taken up to do anything of the sorts; but a contact and I are currently waiting on the go-ahead for a budget on a game that should secure us into full-time games design jobs. Cool, eh? Whilst that's in the queue I'm also waiting to start back at university on Monday. Gah. The lecures are excrutiatingly tedious - in the last 18 months I've picked-up nothing new from university. Want a tip? Don't go to university if you know your stuff already. You're far better off getting into industry. That said, I'm not a quitter. Got one of the highest averages last year for my assignments, so at least I have something to show.


Recently I picked myself up an HD DVD player. Yeah, yeah, I know - Warner Brothers have pulled out, yatta yatta *yawn*.  I purchased the Xbox 360 addon HD DVD player, brand new for a nifty £100 (that's about $200 - we don't get it cheaper than that over here). As an added bonus; it works flawlessly on my computer as well as my 360! Still - that's not the only reason I purchased it. Some of you may be aware of the 5 free HD DVD offer if you purchased one of these? Well, the offer is still running in the UK - so I sent off the form with the required stuff; meaning in a few weeks I should get my shiny 5 red HD DVDs. Now, any of those who are maths-adept might notice something there. An HD DVD in the UK retails at about £20-£25 (we'll take an average to be £22.50). 5 of those FREE gives me £112.50 worth of HD DVDs free, for a player I only spet £100 on. I'm £12.50 value in-pocket and 5 high definition movies. I also figure that if Paramount and Dreamworks do eventually pull out, I'll be able to pick up cheap HD DVDs from all the stock needing to be flogged off. Its a win-win situation! Besides, the war isn't over yet. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Picked up Burnout Revenge again; dusted off the green case and threw it in. I only had one event to perfect on it about a year ago; but I wasn't online - had to start over when I got on Xbox Live. 3 events left to go now - not the easiest of ones though (dammit). Two of them are those nasty 30 Takedowns for gold ones, anyone got any tips? Haha.

 Anyways, I'll stop bantering away here; I've got some modelling to do!


See ya around :)


-Matt ooot.

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