Kittens and Explosions. The two things people love on the internet. I am a game critic and a sound designer. If you wish to make contact with me for sound design, specifically monster sounds and guns, I would be more than happy to contribute. Although I probably won't be able to work full-time on a project, I will help. I am also a music producer and work on Hardstyle, Hardcore, Electronic, and Dubstep. I am also a part of the Conscript team, working on sound design, so a lot of the beautiful clashing, banging, and voices you hear will be from me.

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I currently only have three active music projects, it is hard to explain why I am changing my names and
making new projects, but I am currently only in the works on three of them at a time.

StaRKrafteR, my Hardcore project, has officially been renamed to "Bass Ovulatorz" because I thought that
StaRKrafteR wasn't appealing enough.

I have a new Oldskool Hardstyle project called the "Audio Amplifierz", it focuses on the less common Hardstyle
reverse basses, and is set to a strict 140BPM only.

BassXciter is a Power Hardstyle project which is usually in 150 to 160BPM, it focuses on the often heard
Early Hardstyle reverse basses and extreme hard-noises without a synth or lead in almost all songs.

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