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MrSamsa here is another link to the compatibility files. Btw I've checked the last link and it's not dead (you just have to complete the link as moddb doesn't allow links in guest comments). Just too lazy to register :)

https ufile.io ugat8

(Pls complete with colon and foward slashes, if it doesn't work you typed the url wrong)

It's everything in the readme but fyi the addons included are:

HD Hands for Last Day 1.3.1
Fieldcraft Overhaul 7b
TRX A-Life Revamp 2.2
TRX Sounds Revamp 7.4

Hope you find them useful.

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MrSamsa Creator

Thanks for the heads up. After comparing your files, the original addons and Last Wishes addons I can say this:

Looks like some differences in creature files for flesh and snork could cause some nil call errors or something if you use Last Wish Less Spongy Monsters with TRX A-Life Revamp. Probably crashing game or causing problems so I should add a compatibility patch for sure.

The Controller attack_sound_delay difference shouldnt cause problems. If Last Wish Controller is installed over TRX Sound Revamp it will simply reduce the delay by half (the original value) far as I can tell.

Poltergeist is using different sounds and attack_sound_delay timing in Sounds Revamp. Shouldnt cause serious problems but a compatibility patch would be cool.

Last Wish Less Spongy Monsters Burer doesnt need any changes and should not affect A-Life Revamp far as I can tell. Your uploaded Burer file is identical to LW less spongy monsters Burer.

Fieldcraft Overhaul is already setup as a optional choice, it only needs to add the items from FCO into the trader inventories. The trader files you sent are not derived from the Last Wish Traders addon so they are missing all the changes to their inventories and presets in Last Wish, effectively making them identical to Fieldcraft Overhauls trader files it seems. (It will also re-introduce errors in the trader files like the bandit trader missing values for wpn_beretta_worn that are fixed in Last Wish Traders)

HD Hands only needs the new actor hud entries and 3 of the default actor huds in omission. The file you sent is derived from Stronkman 1.5x stamina, wasnt it?

Anyways thanks for the files and info. I cant use your files as they are (except the poltergeis,flesh and snork) but looking at them has revealed some problems that need fixing most likely.

Thanks. You should register.

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Oh geez my mistake, I zipped some of the original files instead of the patched ones. Sorry for that, here are the fixed files.

https ufile.io l8x97

As far as I remember the flesh and snork files have additional weak and strong profiles in alife revamp and calls different meshes for each profile so I added them to the patch. The others just have sound correction values and immunities, small changes.

Should be worth to take a look to alife revamp values as maybe they're better nerfed and tweaked than in less spongy and less deadly auras. (I don't know how each value works but when I compared the files in notepad++ looked like Alife Revamp tweaked many more values, immunities, radiation, psy radius, etc. than less spongy monsters and auras). Wish I could have made a better patch but my knowledge only allowed me to compare files and overwrite your values and adding the missing ones from the other addons.

The traders files from Fieldcraft overhaul I added some barrels and crafting manuals which weren't present in the original files. Just a small fix.

About HD Hands, as you mention, I used the stronkman 1.5x stamina.

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MrSamsa Creator

Its all updated now.

The differences in A-life revamp controller and poltergeist nerfing are small. The controller from A-life revamp seemed to share the same psi aura values as a burer, the controller from Last Wishes is more deadly by comparison. It was not my aim to make them too easy.

I think you might be confused about Fieldcraft Overhaul and Last Wishes trader compatibility. The trader files you sent include the items from FCO but are not derived from the Last Wishes Trader addon, which includes all the changes and fixes I added like expanded supply tiers or missing entries/weapons like the worn Beretta and missing Bizon in the bandit trader inventory for example. There is already a compatible option for FCO in the addon pack, The bare bones Last Wishes Traders is not supposed to include those items. Its done chummer :)

Now its time to modify xrgame.dll to fix the cod pickup mode..

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