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Crysis 2

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An overall good game, with awesome graphics and a good story, but it's supposed to be a sequel to Crysis, which it fails to be.
Why? Because Crysis was a fun, fast-paced game. It was sometimes challenging, sometimes easy, but it was mostly fun.
Crysis 2 on the other hand, is not fun.

Enemies have an improved AI which, although it's preferred to the rather stupid enemies of Crysis, makes them a pain in the *** to deal with. They also take rather ridiculous amounts of damage before going down unless you score a perfect headshot, and even that is not always fatal.

The good old armor mode is back too, but don't expect it to save your skin like it used to, because it's not automatic. That's right, you have to activate it just like stealth mode, and it drains energy while active even when you're not getting hit. The standard mode is now... nothing. Just neutral, vulnerable nothing.

Strength moves like power jumps and attacks can now be executed in any mode, which is welcome since it means you can jump high while cloaked or armored.
Oh, remember how fun it was to be able to slip into speed mode and just run towards your target at high velocity? Well, that's gone now, and instead we have the old shift-sprint, only it now consumes energy.
Add to that the fact that the cloak is pretty much the same as before and it becomes difficult to see how this suit is supposed to be an upgraded version.

Mind you, you can - and should - upgrade your suit's functions, but I get the feeling that if they'd just thrown Nomad in there straight from Crysis, you wouldn't need to.

Other noticeable annoyances are the lack of a health bar, the lack of a big map, no more saves(only checkpoints), and a nano-suit that spends at least an hour of game time malfunctioning, making you walk and aim like you're drunk. Oh, and there are quick-time events that kill you if you miss them.

I played through Crysis on all difficulties and enjoyed it.
I played through Crysis 2 on easy and uninstalled it.



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