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I spent the last hour puzzle-building, which has to be one of the best analogies to humanity's futile nature: 'I make something and take it apart so you can have fun putting it back together'. But that makes me sound like I'm being philosophical, which I'm trying damn hard not to be right now. The real reason I spent time building my girlfriend's 3'000 piece puzzle is because I have to keep myself busy doing something. But let's take a step back...

After five days learning Unrealscript, which isn't half as hard as it seemed before I started, the nemesis of all programming reared its head: self-imposed complications which require ludicrously contrieved solutions - a pattern which recuses infinitely until the code in question becomes so complex it's own creator gives up and does something else. In my case, the root of this great evil would be my lack of forethought. I simply wanted to write my code and went about doing it in the stupidest way imaginable: without the slightest idea what I'd actually need to write.

So, without going into any specifics of WHY my code is such a mess, I've decided to take the next few days to re-think and re-structure everything I painstakingly wrote and debugged. The task is sort of hanging over me like a dark cloud (I don't WANT to re-code everything) but I know damn well, if I don't, the whole 'engine' will fall apart at the seams.

So where am I now? Well, I'll take a moment to get my head straight and then go back to the drawing board (or rather, the A4 paper shamelessly stolen from my printer so I can write unintelligible notes to myself). But I have to ask myself: why the hell did I ever listen to that guy who said 'let's go make our own game'. Yeah. Let's. Next time you write the code and I'll do the concept art.

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