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new features for future Meta Mod release:

comment 01.04.2017: Next release Meta Mod will slightly differ from this list (the list here is outdated)

1. Diplomacy System: For very dynamic and long lasting game experiences with intelligent AI. AI always tries to preserve Equilibrium, so if you are about to get too strong, AI faction will form alliances against you. There will be a diplomacy menu in the build tab menu where you can break/create alliances. Too improve the acceptance propability for an alliance you can offer money. You can also try to bribe the enemy if he is about to attack you, so that he will leave back to his base for some time. (Status: prototype ready, 40%)

2. Evolutionary self learning AI which adapts to it's opponents and saves it's experience to an external file. There will propably be two versions: One whole player based (for AI) and one for a single selectable unit (maybe as an special power ability) (Status: 10%, long term project)

3. Autostart Config: A Config file which will be created in your KW user data folder with many options including game performance options, superweapon toggle. The config loads after every map load so no game restart necessary. You can also use it to put your own lua scripts inside. (Status: 100%)

4. LUA IO Mod: Start your own LUA scripts live in game from an external file, so it's like a console in other games. I've added many handy commands you can use including sandbox commands such as spawn unit (example: spawn("NodAvatar") ), teleport unit, transfer unit, set unit status, delete unit an so on. There is also a command to write data to a file. Especially usefull for modders and debugging purpose. There is also a GPS/coordinate system available i've created. (Status: 100%)

5. AI Co-Control Toggle Button: The AI is active for human player and you can both control your faction at the same time (really cool feature and good for afk times). (Status: 100%)

6. AI Boost Toggle Button: If the AI seems to loose at some point boost it! It gets an amount of money per sec. Maybe i make an option in the autostart.lua config file for autoboost. (Status: 100%)

7. Meta Control Option Bar put into it's own build menu tab, so the player power bar is free again. (Status: 100%)

8. No camera zoom limitation anymore. (Status: 100%)

2016 01 20 00001

9. *NEW* Native art of defense gamemode you can use on any map. You can customize wave ammount, wave delay, first wave delay, difficulty increase rate and maybe more. The AI adapts to player style and strength. (Status: 60% prototype ready)

10. Maybes:

- Capture the flag gamemode where you need to hold a marker on the map for a specific ammount of time. If the enemy team takes it away the timer restarts.

- Credit System: You can lend money from the bank. You will have to pay it back. If not the "bank army" appears to attack you until you pay.

I have to mention that each and every option in this mod can be turned on and off with use of the autostart.lua config file. So you have the freedom to create your own highly customized KW. If you play multiplayer only options which all players have activated will be enabled.

If you have good ideas for my planed features or any idea for a new crazy feature please share with me. I've discovered some of the deepest secrets of SAGE Engine Lua scripting, and virtually anything now seems to be possible. I will share all my knowledge about SAGE Lua after the next Mod release.

Greetings from Mjjstral from Germany

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New SAGE Engine Modding discord server for C&C and LODR BFME games: Discord.gg
Everyone is welcome !

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Do you have a Steam profile so we can chat? I can help you test your Mod "Metamod" if you want, your choice.

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New avater : p

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