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Skyward Collapse

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Bloody excellent game, this one. I've already played it to death (Steam version), and I think the devs are well aware of my thoughts on it by this point.

The gimmick here is that while it's turn-based-strategy, with one army VS another army, you not only play as both sides, but you dont directly control any of the actual troops and such. You build up their cities, use various powerful abilities, and do all sorts of things to try to influence them into doing what you want.

The game will constantly throw all sorts of disasters and such at you, called "woes", as well as bandits, all to unbalance things. Your goal, simply put, is to keep the two sides as balanced as possible. If one side is wiped out, you lose. Yet at the same time, you need to keep them constantly at war, or you wont get enough points to pass each Age.

It all works together very well, and there's a ton of depth here. Highly recommended. Definitely a favorite of mine.



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I've been playing this one for awhile now, as it continues to get more and more stuff added to it, and this is one of those games I can spend lots of time on without it really feeling like it's alot of time.

For a game that's currently in alpha (not even beta yet!), this is amazingly polished at this point. There's alot of things to do, and many different ways to approach things, and also many different ways to build up your character and equipment and such. A very open-ended sandbox sort of game, rather similar to what 3079 was, yet with some definite differences. Such as the weapon/equipment customization system, where you can take a weapon or piece of equipment and actually take it apart (stats are done seperately for each piece, not for the item as a whole), and re-assemble it in different ways with parts that you buy or find. Alot of depth with that system, and I think it's a good selling point for this one.

And the developer has been very good about listening to feedback and making decisions and additions based on that, as well as responding directly to said feedback; If I'm going to test & play an unfinished game, that's exactly the sort of thing I want to see... very unlike a beta for a big publisher who doesnt really listen at all and can barely even be contacted. Just shows even more why I like indie devs.

Give this one a try if you havent; there's alot going on here, with tons more to be added. And very few bugs, actually.... which is kinda rare for an alpha-state game.

Why anyone would give this a 1 or 2 rating, I cant imagine.

My honest thoughts on this one are summed up as... yeah, this is pretty great, give it a try!


Block Story

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Gentrieve 2

Game review


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First of all, if you're going to buy this game, understand: It isnt finished yet. It's still at a pretty early phase.

That being said, for a game in such an early phase, it's amazingly playable. ALOT of games in alpha/beta tend to be a complete mess, difficult and confusing to deal with. Not so here. Everything that's in there so far seems to just WORK, and work in a way that makes sense. This is a complicated game, but it works out in such a way that it's easy to learn each piece of it so far.

Fans of Dwarf Fortress (such as myself) will probably enjoy this one. Obviously, it's not going to have DF's insane complexity, but still, it's nice to have another game in the same "genre" to choose from.

This isnt finished, but it has ALOT of potential, and I think these devs are showing already that they can realize that potential.

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