I am a 3D modeler, well, I am learning how using blender. Right now I currently only have the basics down but I am improving fast. Previously I had made several attempts to learn 3D modeling, but I was too young to understand the concepts of 3D modeling, or simply plan out the models I tried to create. Now that I am older I figured I might as well as give it a go, and now using all the the knowledge obtained from previous attempts my modeling is starting to take off. I live in Ontario Canada, and I play several sports including ice hockey, paintball, baseball, softball and football. I currently work as an umpire but I aspire to work in the gaming industry. I am strictly a PC gamer, I usually play RTS or FPS games but I occasionally find an (MMO)RPG that I will play for a while.

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Modeling and Mods

Well I am finally using Mod DB again, I have modeled 2 things today. Both of which screens have been uploaded to my profile. I may start to try to unwrap and UV map some basic things. My brother has offered to make some textures for me, so i see no point in not trying. Also soon I may start to try to map, but I want to have a little better grasp of modeling first. But when and if I am able to model well enough that I can make proper material and map I could easily make my own SP map and send it in to Planet Philip. Also sometime this week I am going to try to make textures for a hammer again, so that should be pretty exciting.


Currently I am not doing many things as I am on summer vacation, and well to put it simply, my family and I don't usually do much during the summer. The only thing i will be doing this week that is exciting is that I am going to a mini camp for ice hockey. I play as a goalie, and i have never played rep before this year, and last year I was scouted and asked to try out for AE, and when I did, I made the team. Now my parents are taking so "extra measures" so make sure that I'm not the goat on the team. So much for support. Also I may be starting to paintball again, being my first blog I guess I need to explain this too. When i was ten I started to paintball and I've been hooked ever since. But unfortunately this year i have been having some gun troubles and I need to order a part from California. But the shipping will cost about twice as much as the part. All in all I am most likely going to have to break down and buy the part, or use my back up gun, but lets face it a Tipmann 98 custom just doesn't match up to my Autococker.


This week I really haven't done much gaming but when I do I usually play Mount and Blade: Warband, Star Craft 2, Battle Field Bad Company 2, or any Half Life 2 mod. So today I started 1887 EP1, and well i play for about maybe 20 minutes and stopped, I mean I really didn't like playing the mod. The reason for that is if i want to kill a lot of enemies and go through extremely liner maps I might as well as play a MP game. I mean it seemed room after room I kill a hoard then i proceed to the next room i kill the hoard, go to the next room and kill the hoard. You get the point. Maybe tomorrow I will try it again but I doubt I will.

Another game I was playing today was Mount and Blade: Warband I love the game, its extremely fun and i would recommend it to anyone who likes both FPS, and RPG. Unfortunately this game is EXTREMELY buggy in fact I've had 2 characters that i had to stop playing because of bugs, the first character the morale for my food stopped working, therefore making all the people in my party leave.
The other the middle of my map became transparent so i could see the skybox below, also it wouldn't let me travel through the area so I had to delete that character too. So my character now is a girl too hopefully get some achievements, I don't know why but i always feel good about myself when i get an achievement until I realize how easy it is to get it.

Lastly, I am really looking forward to the Humble Indie Bundle 3, even if there has been 4 of them. I really like the looks of VVVVV, Crayon Physics, and Hammerfight. Cogs and And Yet It Moves don't look very enjoyable but you never know, I've only seen the trailer for the Humble Indie Bundle. Another thing I am really looking forward to is Red Orchestra 2: Hero's Of Stalingrad. I really loved the first one, even if the play isn't really my style. It comes out August 30th

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