I am a 3D modeler, well, I am learning how using blender. Right now I currently only have the basics down but I am improving fast. Previously I had made several attempts to learn 3D modeling, but I was too young to understand the concepts of 3D modeling, or simply plan out the models I tried to create. Now that I am older I figured I might as well as give it a go, and now using all the the knowledge obtained from previous attempts my modeling is starting to take off. I live in Ontario Canada, and I play several sports including ice hockey, paintball, baseball, softball and football. I currently work as an umpire but I aspire to work in the gaming industry. I am strictly a PC gamer, I usually play RTS or FPS games but I occasionally find an (MMO)RPG that I will play for a while.

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The Blog I know guys, I'm sorry I had to post this on Wednesday, but unfortunately I only really got to go on my PC until Sunday. Then guess what, I get grounded. So unfortunately this small blog with have to be for both last week and this week. Also I am considering several changes for my 11th blog/introduction. One of these changes is simply changing the rating from out of 5 to out of 10. Also I am considering asking other sources for input for the changes but so far I haven't contacted anyone.

One change that I'm going to implament this blog is the Wrapping-It-Up section. It will basically summerize what I have said about the games I reviewed and say good bye. I think it will help me end the blogs because I always have trouble "wrapping it up."

Last week I was so busy with hockey and the first week of school that I unfortunately didn't to model anything. Therefore for this blog I will not have a Mods and Modeling section. I may or may not be able to cox my mom into letting me 3D model and post them for next week.

Life So as I have said I have been grounded until Monday. Basically in my house being grounded means that you cant have access to your computer, phone, or any other electrical device (excluding TV). Other than that school have just started and at first I wasn't to keen on my class. Then after the first few days I realized that if non of my friends were in my classes, I might actually get some work done. Also I seem to be becoming popular among the students this year... I really don't know why but I always thought it be a lot greater. Now basically there is no difference but everyone wants to talk to me.

Gaming So last week I was able to play Spiral Knights again, and try out some of the Dual Reality Tech Demo.

-Dual Reality Tech Demo: I wont rate this one this week, because they
released a new version recently. They mainly worked on the jump pads,
and they're properties which I personally thought really really needed work. I also have considered posting a video of me
playing through the tech demo. I want to do this because i am not really
a normal player, and I always wonder if i am doing the puzzles
completely wrong. For instance on one level they're was one of those
shorts robots that kill you on the middle of a narrow platform. I
couldn't figure out the puzzle so I jumped almost like a Kreedz jump
around the robot and brought an extra bot with me to the next room. I
also thought that the maps were really planned out quite well. I loved
the way that they made it look as if you had to use the other
dimension/reality when you really had to stay in the one that you were
already in. I cant wait until Monday because I know that this is the
first thing I will play as soon as I get my PC back.

-Spiral Knights: So last week I wanted to try Spiral Knights again because I saw the steam trading and it reminded me to try it again. So I did, and I really found it annoying to play online. You see I had this 6 year old kid asking me to help him with equip his new sword. The worst part was he was on the voice chat. After that I will now only solo the dungeons no matter what. Besides the dungeons aren't that hard to solo, And you of course get way more exp and money.Other than the player base being very shall we say "immature" the game is pretty good. But then again when do F-T-P MMOs have decent players, after all MMO's were the only games I played when I was a very young gamer, I just thank my brother for letting me play his TF2, otherwise I doubt I would ever have played any decent games. Okay since I got so off topic I will just rate the game...(drum-role please)...3/5.

Wrapping-It-UpWhen I talked about maybe recording me playing through Dual Reality I started thinking about maybe doing a live stream like Dec from the Mortewood Plaza had like a year ago when he was doing testing. Sadly i think that if i were to do that you will see how much of a n00B i am when it comes to single player games. I know that I am terrible with puzzles and that I SHOULD stick to multiplayers but I just enjoy singleplayer so much.

So to summarize what I have said in this blog, defiantly play both Spiral Knights and Dual Reality. I will try to get more models up, and lastly I appologize again for having to post this blog on Wednesday and not having one next week.

That will finish off the blog, Hopefully I will have more in the weeks to come!

Mini Ace, out!


The Mortewood Plaza:


Dual Reality:


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