I am a 3D modeler, well, I am learning how using blender. Right now I currently only have the basics down but I am improving fast. Previously I had made several attempts to learn 3D modeling, but I was too young to understand the concepts of 3D modeling, or simply plan out the models I tried to create. Now that I am older I figured I might as well as give it a go, and now using all the the knowledge obtained from previous attempts my modeling is starting to take off. I live in Ontario Canada, and I play several sports including ice hockey, paintball, baseball, softball and football. I currently work as an umpire but I aspire to work in the gaming industry. I am strictly a PC gamer, I usually play RTS or FPS games but I occasionally find an (MMO)RPG that I will play for a while.

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The Blog This blog may be shorter than previous ones because I was out at my cottage and RO2 Beta came out so as you can imagine I wasn't really playing anything else.There isn't really any new news for the blog, though this is the first time uploading my blog on a Saturday.

Modeling and Mods Today I only have one model done, because I was at my cottage and I only had my phone with me. The model I did make was of a flashlight I found on my brothers desk. Its one of those small ones that could almost fit on a key chain. I really had to mess around with the render to get it right but non-the-less I think it looks pretty good.

Life Well as I have said about a million times before, I rented a cottage and met up with my friends from Ottawa and Montreal. I wont go into much depth because I know that that's not why you read this blog. But we explored around Picton, and we went swimming A LOT. Also we had a campfire every night and we played frisbee together, and I cant wait until next year to see Anika, Fiona, and Lukas!

Gaming Last week I said that I would review the rest of the HIB3 but I honestly couldn't get myself to play the games. So I guess this week I will talk about part of the HIB3 that I did end up playing: Braid, and Atom Zombie Smasher. The new free-to-play steam game: Crimecraft: BLEEDOUT. And of course Red Orchestra 2: Hero's Of Stalingrad.
-Braid: I played through the frist world properly, then I realized I didn't actually have to collect all the puzzle pieces, so I ran through until I think world 5 then I just stopped because I saw no point in continuing playing. Though I did enjoy using the time shift mechanic I really got bored of the easy puzzles. I will rate this a 2/5.
-Atom Zombie Smasher: This game was exciting for a while i really found myself planning things out and trying to see the best places to put things. I would plan for like 5 minutes before starting the level. But the same level with more "zed" and more humans really got tiring, but the parts I did play I did enjoy until i got bored. And I will rate this 3/5.
-Crimecraft:BLEEDOUT: This game I play I think almost 8 hours trying to beat it, and I eventually did. The story was a little week but still good, and I did like the feel to the game. It reminded me of the movie District B13. Though there weren't park-our stunts the underground ghetto feel to it is similar. The basis of the story is that our oil has run out and the world pretty much died, and the people have joined up into gangs to try to survive. I played The PvE (the story) as well as PvP, and I found that all of the people playing in the PvP were, well not very skilled gamers. Even though I was using the basic weapons I still managed to be first or second in the little 4v4 matches. Overall the game was really fun and I cant wait for episode 2! So I'm going to rate it 5/5!

Also Red Orchestra 2 Beta came out and my brother and I have been playing it quite a lot. The first 3 maps that were released are very fun, well the 2 that aren't tank only maps. Today the beta is getting an update and it is supposed to be adding 3 more maps and the progression and unlocks (I may be wrong about that last one). Personally I don't really think that this is a very good idea, though there is the 2 SP campaigns realesing 6 of the 10 maps coming out in the release will kind of ruin the game in the long term... But I'm sure Tripwire will release more maps later.

Another cool story is that I listened to my first live podcast 17 and then the post game TF2 games. I found out just how nice the community was. I was kind of a n00B when it came to the severs and things like that, and half the time I talked about star craft 2, but I had fun fooling around in the post game session. My most memorable moment was "feeding" William even before the matches would start. I would always go up to the gate when on defense and eventually William burnt me from the other side.

I guess this concludes this weeks blog be sure to check out podcast 17!

Mini Ace,out!


Podcast 17:



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