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This is our first update of GazShock, which is primarily a performance update.

GazShock being our first release ever naturally included a lot of stuff that could be tweaked, so we have spend the first month after our release looking for ways to make the game load and respond faster. In this process we managed to shrink the game with about a third of the original size and reduce the load time to a third as well.

This was mainly done by removing unused models and animations and optimizing images for the user interface and sprites.

The game is visually almost identical to the first release but we have made some minor alterations to the game environment for a nicer look and feel.

Hope you will enjoy this update. We are hard at work at our next release which will add new game elements and hopefully make the game even more hectic and challenging.

So if you haven’t tried GazShock yet give it a go with this new optimized release and stay tuned for our next release.

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