Mindgear is a group of developers united in there common passion for online game related technologies. We work in many different environments, and are exited about all levels off the development process from cross platform challenges and rendering engines to IDE's and frameworks. Additionally we play with web integrations and web related technologies to promote and share the results of our tinkering.

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Rescue17 now available on chrome webstore

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With "Rescue 17", MindGear has created a real time-killer. What kid has not dreamed of cruising around in space among rotating saws, while bombing enemy guns and meteors? Besides duelling with the skums of the universe. "Rescue 17" makes high demands on your coordination skills. It is not that easy to navigate your spacecraft around in narrow corridors to pick up lost comrades. You almost forget to breathe sometimes. when you have to throw a bomb with precision and then land your vessel, pick someone up and race out before you are sliced in half by a furiously rotating saw. It's the kind of game where you want to hurl your computer out of window when you get killed, but a few seconds later, you are ready to make another attempt. The game has lots of tracks, which gradually increases in difficulty, so there should be many hours of play for everyone.The soundtrack works flawlessly with a stubbornly pounding drum to set the mood. "Keep your eyes open!", it sounds from the cockpit, and it is an advice, you immediately should take to heart. Graphically the game is also well done. The dark blue color is a recurring theme, and it sets a suitably sinister atmosphere. There has been put alot of attention to detail in both the vessel and enemies. I can only recommend that you give this game a go. There are many hours of fun to waste as a pilot in "Rescue 17".But be aware, it's addictive!

New improved GazShock

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This is our first update of GazShock, which is primarily a performance update.

GazShock being our first release ever naturally included a lot of stuff that could be tweaked, so we have spend the first month after our release looking for ways to make the game load and respond faster. In this process we managed to shrink the game with about a third of the original size and reduce the load time to a third as well.

This was mainly done by removing unused models and animations and optimizing images for the user interface and sprites.

The game is visually almost identical to the first release but we have made some minor alterations to the game environment for a nicer look and feel.

Hope you will enjoy this update. We are hard at work at our next release which will add new game elements and hopefully make the game even more hectic and challenging.

So if you haven’t tried GazShock yet give it a go with this new optimized release and stay tuned for our next release.

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