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Note: Use TibEd 2 for Tiberium Wars and use Wrath Ed gamma version for Kane's Wrath.

Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath Cheat-Modifications.
These cheats affect only the command sets for buildings and should not cause unintended side effects. Their purpose is to give the players access to every buildable thing in the game, a type of "unholy alliance" faction that was meant for only skirmishes. They make campaign missions easier and more fun when base building is involved, but they do nothing in covert missions (for example, when the commando is used).

1. To build every faction structure and every unit, add the GDI MCV and Nod MCV to the War Factories or Scrin Warp Sphere (also called the Alien Gateway), and add the Scrin Drone Ship to the GDI Airfield and Nod Air Tower. Using the following command sets as an example, you can build Nod and Scrin bases as GDI!

    <Tags />
    <Includes />
    <Tags />
    <Includes />

2. To earn gold star medals on every map against the maximum number of brutal AI (which earns you the Ultimate Honor in Generals Zero Hour), create a custom Unholy Alliance faction in the playertemplate.ini file and add it to your BIG compressed file. Note that the playertemplate.ini file is in the following directory: Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3\Core\1.0 and part of the Misc.BIG file. Extract it to modify its code. Use this code as an example:

PlayerTemplate FactionUnholy
	Side              			= Unholy
	PlayableSide      			= Yes
	StartMoney        			= 0
	MaxLevelMP					= 32
	MaxLevelSP					= 78 ;80
	PreferredColor				= R:255 G:255 B:255
	PreferredCampaignRadarColor	= R:255 G:255 B:255
	StartingBuilding			= GDIConstructionYard	
    StartingUnit1			    = NODMCV
    StartingUnit2 			    = AlienMCV
	PurchaseScienceCommandSet	= GoodSpellStoreCommandSet
	PurchaseScienceCommandSetMP	= MenSpellStoreCommandSet
	DisplayName					= INI:FactionUnholy
	DefaultPlayerAIType			= MenSkirmishAI
	BeaconName					= MultiplayerBeacon
	LoadScreenMusic				= TEMP_RAM_Music360_LoadScreen  ; If you change this, remember it must be a RAM-based (no-stream) piece of music
	SkirmishMPVictoryMusic		= CNC3_SUCCESS
	SkirmishMPDefeatMusic		= CNC3_FAILURE	
	InitialUpgrades				= Upgrade_GDIFaction									; Any upgrades this player template is born with.
	ResourceModifierValues		= 100 100 100 100 100 100 95 90 85 80 75 71 68 66
	MoneyCapSP					= 3000
	MoneyCapMP					= 3000
	SpellBook					= PlayerSpellBook
	SpellBookMp					= PlayerSpellBook

Also remember to include the faction's DisplayName in the mod.str file (the text file), which will appear in the skirmish menu:
"Unholy Alliance"

What this does is give the AI all three construction vehicles (the GDI one is already deployed). However, it will not use all three, even on the brutal difficulty setting, because the faction has no AI support for it. The hardest possible skirmish, which is an 8-player map against 7 Brutal AI's, will be too easy. This should take you only one to two hours to get all gold stars on every map.

By the way, to add the playertemplate.ini and mod.str files, open the BIG file you created in Final BIG Editor, press Control and D to add a directory and add the Data folder which has both files in it. The playertemplate file should be saved in the INI subfolder of the Data folder.

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