I am a Christian who studies the Bible and loves science. My favorite verses are John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13. I am also a big Generals and Zero Hour fan who modifies those games for fun.

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Of all the modding applications I have used to edit my own games, the best one for me is Tib Ed. I am using it to modify Command & Conquer 3 since I could not get most of the old files, like .Net Framework and ANTLR, to work well in Windows 10. So I settled on an easier way to make stat changes and have fun with mod projects. I highly recommend both Tib Ed 1 for the old Westwood games and Tib Ed 2 for the 3D games Generals and Tiberium Wars. I don't know if this works with Kane's Wrath. Since it is a Tiberium Wars expansion and doesn't deviate too much, I hope so. By the way, Kane's Wrath is to Tiberium Wars what Zero Hour is to Generals: it gives you more factions to command than just the basic three.

This is also because my top three favorite Command & Conquer games are Generals Zero Hour, Yuri's Revenge and Kane's Wrath, which should all work with the Tib Ed applications.

For my projects, I have a couple of interesting ideas.

My first idea is this: I want to create super armies that have all of specialized tech their member nations or sub factions can only use. A type of unholy alliance within the same armies.

The second idea is a mod to turn power plants into oil derricks or Tiberium Spikes in C&C 3's case (they might as well be oil derricks since they gradually add money to the owner's budget). This not only guarantees an easy win for players with a lack of ore, supplies or tiberium to collect, but makes power plants even more important to them.

So the power plant auto deposit trick doesn't work because of a conflicting error. The only buildings that will generate funds in Tiberium Wars are the refinery and silo. I could not get Tib Ed 2 to work with Kane's Wrath because the project was discontinued. But I found something better than that: Kane's Wrath Reloaded is a C&C 3 mod that adds everything from Kane's Wrath into Tiberium Wars. The Tiberium Refineries double as Tiberium Spikes and you can even build walls! I freaking love it so much! I couldn't stop freaking out when I saw the new content. XD

Please download it if you haven't already.

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