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A number of virtual modding & virtual computing screenshots have been added. I've been able to run three VM's without problems on my main server and was also able to export two VM's over standard ethernet to this machine under serious bandwidth constraints (only 100Mbit)
Be sure to have a look and read the captions here too

I've added the a top-screenshot section to the end of blog.

I had fought with an irritating bug in Zero hour. Even though I had triggered the [Endurance flag] for all maps played, I wasn't granted the medal. I had spent a number of hours in vanilla Zero:Hour to finish all official maps in the game, without the present of that medal. When the game failed to grant me my present, I posted a question at my C&C friends group here. Within a few hours n5p29 responded in detail, stating that, due to a bug in Zero Hour, the Endurance and the Ultimate medal cannot be achieved, without brute forcing the bug. There are two invisible maps that you'd need to play, before you'd be able to get the Endurance medal. The fix is on the link here at Cnclabs.com: you have to grand yourself those medals manually (in consecutive order), after you've actually achieved that level of gameplay.
Thanks n5p29!

I have a very nice review on this awsome total conversion mod for ZeroHour here. At the moment this is my most played mod, along side the great ShockWave mod, because I have not played C&C in a long time and I'm re-discovering a lot from that monumental game by playing this mod.
I was right in my preview on Tiberian:Dawn:Redux, the work that was put in this mod, is clearly visible in the presented product. Because the documentation is also detailed, clear and in depth there were no surprises for me. I combined the improved v.1.3 launcher, which you can download here, with the latest beta of TDRedux (v1.4) and dove straight into a fantastic C&C environment, which you just have to see to believe. In case you have problems with lag, just download and install the zero-lag addon written by Trailhog250 here.
I have also uploaded more screenshots on TDRedux. They can be see at these three links: one two three
Thanks TDR Team!


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