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Return of Shadow

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FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE

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I think it will be enough to quote what other people said about this mod. I read many posts and comments written by the creator and he gave me a really negative impression, he doesn't seem helpful and he responds in an obnoxious and bored way. Creator aside, I registered to his site to download the newest versione and played it for some hours, there are yes a lot of contents but it's just a mess of highly unbalanced units and factions where the only effective strategy to win is to buy specific op units, boring. The skirmishes are simply pointless since you can almost instantly upgrade your base to level five and wreck your enemy, also the hard ai spawns even bigger spaceships from nowhere causing lagg and crashes because they have of course tons of weapons. The visual is terrible because it gives a bad 3d perception and some units and structures simply disappear when you get too far. The galactic conquest view is horrible and the images of units and buildings in the hud are often too little or fuzzy and the planets in the minimap are just too big and just overlap. Really, i can't find a single reason to suggest this mod to someone, it's just like a cauldron and sometimes the contents are not even his work


Awakening of the Rebellion 2.7

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