I'm a belgian who likes gaming and drawing. Thanks to some argument with an 11-year old i have been muted by henley on moddb since september 2011 and can't post comments on this site. [according to loner you need to fill this in completely, since he's dutch i wouldn't be surprised if this is some kind of trick. Come to think of it cheese is a valuable resource after all and the cheese reconstruction project looks like a worthwile investment in the long run. On to weed, those damn dutch and their marihuana. Just listen to glebstar while high. IF YOU WANT TO PLAY BLACKLIGHT CONTACT ME - i want to profit of the friend referal system :3. Belgium has good comedy and music, the dutch have cheese and drugs. chewing gum is nice, though i don't like your face. onbeskoft. and what is this pen doing here, get lost pen nobody likes you. seems like the cat's out of the bag again... mother of god 100 characters left >.> so i'll just end with: si vis pacem, ill give each one of you 5 across the assss

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I like drawing and gaming. so here's a list.

!If you have a ps3 and one of the games listed below, send me a pm and i will ad you!
unfortunatly, i don't have a good computer, he's not bad, but i can't play the newest games.
my fav pc games are:
- Kotor 1 and 2
- sw bf 1 and 2
- the aoe series, but aom is my fav.
- eaw and foc (with mods)
- lotr the battle for middle earth

pc games that are good, but not great:
red alert uprising (gets boring fast.)
blazing angels 2

fav ps3 games:
-battlefield bc 2
-cod mw1
-cod waw
-killzone 2
-killzone 3
-crysis 2

good, but not great ps3 games:
battlefield 1943
the force unleashed 1
cod black ops
-red alert 3
-cod mw2

bad ps3 games:
i haven't played bad ones ^^

fav ds games:
bowser's inside story
mario bros
wario ware d.i.y.

i have many other ds games that are good, but i won't mention them.

fav wii games:
super mario galaxy
super mario galaxy 2(not better than the first one)
mario kart
red steel 2( i recommend)
metroid other m
metroid trilogy (i recommend that more than other m)

bad wii games:
mario party 8
cod mw1 'reflex'

everything with sci-fi: star wars; kotor, spaceships.
but things of our age too.


ha one more game list :-) and a good one, lots of stuff i like too like lotr bfme. SW the force unleashed wasn't all that great for me too. if you like killzone so much you should try the first one out too. me liked it.

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_w_ Author

is killzone 1 only on the ps2? srry, but i don't have a ps2, so i can't play it :(

TFU was a real dissapointment for me.
the music sucked asssss.
repetitive gameplay and enemys
tooo short
little to no extras :(

they should 've made bf3 or eaw 2 or a new kotor based RPG and not a MMO. i don't like that they arent bringing TOR to consoles.

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Wanna play FOC or BF2 against me? the mods would be ROTM and BFX respectively.

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_w_ Author

ja, maar ik heb eigenlijk nog nooit online gespeel op de computer, ka je uitleggen oe ik da moet doen?
sinds ik een ps3 heb en een slachte computer speel ik niet veel meer hierop.

bfx is leuk, maar dark times, rising son is beter.

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Rising son is cool and all but the guns are WAAAAAY to weak and the AI for some reason knows how to use them :(

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I can imagine where this is going to go...

"Big moron"

"Bigger moron!"

"Massive moron!"

"Gigtantic moron!!"


"Even huger moron!!!"

And so on so forth rofl :D

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"Biggest moron" Check mate!

What do I win? ;D

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