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Ok, I admit, this isn't really a blog about anything specific, but rather it is a joyful outburst of pure ecstasy regarding the amazing community that currently exists for the immensely enjoyable Star Wars Empire at War and Forces of Corruption expansion. I mean this is an electrifying time not only for gamers, like myself (although I am trying to learn modding and would appreciate any help I can get [thanx Patrick_Koscick]), but also for Modders as there is no shortage of outstanding mods to work on!
A few honorable mentions that have been consuming waaaaaay too much of my time (heck even the updates are tantalizing): SGEAW Reality by Spinobreaker; Super Star Wars by AdmiralAce; Thrawn's Revenge-Imperial Civil War by .Corey and the TR dev team; Pegasus Chronicles by Merlingalgotta and the SGMG; and the new Yuuzhan Vong Mod that has become the congregating place of the who's who of the modding world.
Oh well, gotta keep this short... need to sleep . . . no must play Halo FO . . . NOOOOOOOOO zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I now some good mods and whos who in the modding world when it comes to Empire at war Forces of Corruption modding, z3r0x is widely considered the greatest empire at war modder ever and his current mod project is republic at war. SigmaGuy is head of Sigma studios (witch I am a large part of) and there current mod project is Battlefronts Of War: Dark Forces, im working on my own mod called Rise of the Empire, Ozzy667 is head of Star Wars - Clone Wars. Modding resources for empire at war are filefront empire at war and everything empire at war (Owned by z3r0x) im Durge on everything empire at war. Watch out for Nomada_Firefox hes an @$$.

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